28 | reunited

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"Welcome, Sky Crew," Lexa greeted as those from Camp Jaha made their way over to our camp and into Lexa's tent. "Join us."

One of the guards made his way over to Clarke, handing her a thermos. He informed that Raven had sent the bottle, full of hydrazine, before allowing Lexa to continue her speech.

I stood off to the side, vaguely listening as my mind wandered elsewhere, mainly towards those who were inside and near Mount Weather; Monty and Jasper and Bellamy and Octavia and everyone else. I momentarily shut my eyes, wishing under my breath for their safety. I found myself lightly praying that Mount Weather wouldn't spontaneously combust or something; I didn't need everyone I cared about dying in that damn mountain. We needed to get them out of there as soon as possible.

"Field commanders," Clarke began, grounding my thoughts and allowing me to focus my attention on her before continuing. "Today's the day we get our people back. The enemy thinks it's safe behind its doors, but it's not. When it realizes that, it will fight back... Hard. We need to be ready. This is a rescue mission. We are not here to wipe them out. There are people inside that mountain that have helped us, children who have nothing to do with this war. We kill their soldiers, their leadership if we have to, but we are there to rescue our people. Is that clear?"

A bout of muttered agreements passed through the tent before Clarke allowed me to take over. "Then let's begin," I started, clapping my hands in preparation. "There are four teams. Two of them—at the dam and in the mine—are moving into position already, save myself. The third—inside the mountain—is freeing the Grounder prisoners as we speak.

"It is your job as the fourth team to keep the eyes of the enemy off of them for as long as possible. To do that, you have to be in position here at the main door with your entire army." I walked over to the miniature demo of Mount Weather, placing a small toy soldier right at the front. "The Mountain men believe the door can't be opened from the outside, so they leave it unguarded. Only, it can be, and thanks to our handsome source on the inside, now we know how. According to Maya, the electromagnetic locking system has one flaw. When the power goes out, it disengages. That's where Raven, Wick and I come in.

"The mountain's electricity is generated at Philpott Dam. By now, they're on their way to taking the turbine room. It's our job to blow the power. Once they do, you blow the lock. There is a catch, a backup generator inside the mountain. If the lock is still functioning when that backup power kicks in, we'll never get that door open; we'll never get our people back."

One of Skaikru turned to Clarke and I, asking, "How much time do we have until the backup power kicks in?"

My eyes met Clarke's as we shared a doubtful look before I answered. "One minute. That's our window."

"Small window," the man skeptically commented. "Why don't we just take out the backup generator, too? Bellamy's inside. Have him do it."

As I opened my mouth to give him a piece of my mind and how Bellamy is not a puppet, Clarke's hand caught my forearm. I turned to catch her eye as she shook her head. Huffing, I backed up from the conversation, allowing her to take this one. "Leaving them without power that long would kill them all, and as I said, that's not our mission," came her curt reply. Her eyes wavered as she mumbled, "Besides, we lost contact with Bellamy."

Now this was news to me. My head snapped to the side at the mention of the older Blake, brows furrowing in worry and betrayal. "What? We did?" Monroe shouted from the back, just as confused as I seemed to be. "When?"

"After he took out the acid fog," Clarke answered.

I gritted my teeth, my fingers tightening into fists as I growled out, "And you didn't think that was worth mentioning?"

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