5. Bad omens

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Hi, everyone! I know that all of you were curious to know what will happen between the two. My ladies, I'm sorry, but Alexander won't take part in this chapter. Please don't hate me. On the contrary, you will meet two important persons.

This chapter is dedicated to the gorgeous @ElenaStamou! If you are into romance, check her story "Storm at heart". It's perfect. 

Next time there will be a steamy episode. Till then... royal kisses! 

                     5. Bad omens


The woman with the blond curly hair was standing in the great foyer ecstatic by the luxury of the palace. She was examining everything around her,   as one of the maids was trying to disengage her luggage from her hand. Assistant Hudson, who was accompanying her from the airport, had just given her some details about the construction of the palace and its size.

"Jade!" Rose rushed from the private elevator towards her friend and tangled her in a lasting embrace. It had been almost two months since their separation.

"Girl, you look so formal. Why are you dressed like that?" the newcomer commented after she examined her friend. The princess was clad in a professional black dress and a matching jacket. On the other hand, Jade seemed like a disoriented tourist. She was dressed in jeans and in a plain shirt, while from her neck there was hanging a camera.

"I had a meeting. We'll talk later about me. How was your flight?"

 "Awful. I was sitting next to a guy who was picking his nose all the time, and he was chewing gum for more than three hours."

She stuck her tongue out and grimaced, but immediately she remembered that she was in a palace and simply smiled.

"It deserved the waiting. Redmond is amazing. We went sightseeing with Mr. Hudson. He showed me the Parliament, the Roman arches, the main square and the cathedral. You are a perfect guide."

Hudson smiled kindly. The always serious and professional assistant now seemed somehow relaxed. Jade did that to people since she was so jovial and exuberant. Her dark eyes were playful and smart. Always talkative, she was a great companion and kept telling vulgar jokes all the time. Rose's mood changed immediately as well. The last two weeks were dull and humdrum. She was busy all day long, meeting tedious businessmen. Her mother always complaining to her through the phone about trivial things, and he was gone.

After the victorious game of the national team, the prince decided to visit his sister in Milan. After a week there, he traveled to New York, where the photographers spotted him partying hard in private clubs. His father, Lord Corterel, was furious when he saw him in the headlines again. He demanded his return, but the prince refused to obey and decided to prolong his staying there for a week. She was obliged to take up all his responsibilities along with hers. So, Jade's arrival was a balsam for her soul.

"Thank you for everything, Mr. Hudson," Roselyn nodded. "You can take the day off. We will meet tomorrow."

"You are mostly welcome, my lady. We'll meet tomorrow morning before the Kandinsky exhibition. Be sure to prepare your announcement for the press."

"It's ready," she smiled back at him and turned to her friend. "Let me show you our room."

As the elevator was gradually elevating them to the last floor, Jade examined her friend. It took Roselyn two months to change drastically, she thought. She wasn't the same carefree girl she knew. Her whole stance was formal, her features strict and her skin pale. Long were gone her pure smile and the shine in her eyes. And those clothes? They did look very senile, only suitable for the middle-aged madams.

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