23.The President and the snitch

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Note: Dear friends, with this chapter a circle of confusing chapters has come to an end. From the next chapter, "Reign" will be a domino. The events will be terrifying I can reassure you. 

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            23. The President and the snitch

“Fracture for fracture, eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. The one who has inflicted the injury must suffer the same injury.”

Leviticus 24:20

 “Hudson, did George Burdon receive my invitation for the golf tournament of the Royal Academy?”

“Yes, Sir. He said he will attend.” the assistant replied and his employer, who was walking briskly through the halls of the Longmire mansion, smiled with satisfaction. Philip had called him this morning to invite him for dinner, declaring that he had something important to announce.

“Good,” Alexander sighed relieved. “I’ll introduce him to Ivy tonight and I’ll make sure they leave together. No, Hudson. I’m not overreacting. He has become annoying and persistent lately. Now, that she had lost his support, it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of him.”

It was true. Since George Burdon supported his budget and not Roselyn’s, he had brought the world upside down to make Roselyn forgive him. He was appearing in the palace almost every day with flowers or even presents for her, and Roselyn was accepting them politely, but not enthusiastically.

 Philip, standing in front of the door, patted his shoulder and ushered him inside the cozy living room. Immediately, he saw Jade a few meters behind, who was touching her swollen belly protectively. The moment between them was awkward, as they never enjoyed the company of each other. But Alexander smiled and gave her the box of pralines he had brought for her.

“Come inside,” she welcomed the King with hospitality and led him to the main living room, completely ignorant of what had happened a few days ago between her guest and her brother.

Alexander’s eyes wandered to the familiar area. It was a large parlor decorated with classic beige furniture and modern paintings. He sat on the couch next to the fireplace, watching intently the couple, which was now moving cuddled towards him.

“What’s up?” Jade asked with an awkward smile and sat opposite him, as her partner moved to the bar. 

“What whiskey do you want? I have Dalmore of twelve and eighteen years, Cardhu and Black Label. But if you want something special, I can send someone to our distillery.”

“No, Dalmore is good for me,” the Kind shrugged nonchalantly at his friend, but immediately stiffened when she saw the familiar figure standing at the door.

“Jade, the beef will be ready in ten…,” Roselyn’s voice faded, as she saw the man sitting casually opposite her. She was invited too, but as it seemed, none of them was informed that the other was invited. After the incident in the Parliament, they weren't talking to each other. 

“Rose, come,” Philip escorted the completely dumbfounded Queen to the couches, where he almost forced her to take her place next to Alexander. “We have something to announce.”  

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