20. Desire

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                                                     20. Desire

"There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it."

George Bernard Shaw

“Where is the money?”

Her eyes were hard and austere, leaving no space for the man in front of her to react.

“I will ask one more time, Mr. Donaldson. During the years 2003-2009, you were the president of the National Bank. There is a gap in the treasury estimated to thirty four million dollars.”

The chubby man in front of her shifted awkwardly in his seat and grimaced offended, while the Queen was leaning in front of him ominously. 

“After some thorough examinations, we didn’t find this money neither to your accounts, nor to the accounts of your wife’s offshore companies. I’m not a prosecutor, I am a Queen. I have more important things to do, so I’ll be clear. Tell me where the money is, and all this will end well. Otherwise, your precious Mrs. Donaldson will acknowledge your affair with your secretary in exactly seven minutes.  


 Roselyn was fire. Roselyn was thunderstorm, ready to devour everything in its wake. Mr. Donaldson belonged to a lobby with immense clout and the Queen managed to bend him easily. Once her spark had come to the surface, and she seemed willing to lay down the law to all those who were behaving improperly. Alexander stared at her as she was standing in front of the presentation board, presenting a new package of laws about the health system. October had arrived with heavy rains and cold winds and Roselyn’s mood resembled the weather. Although her health was improving, and finally there was some color in her cheeks, she was cold and austere with everyone.

“She is rampant,” his father whispered next to him. “We have to take action against her soon.”

Of course Lord Corterel despised all that power she had acquired suddenly. During conferences, he tried to attract all the attention from her, but it was impossible. He was trying to find flaws in everything she was proposing, but Roselyn seemed resilient to every attack and she was always striking back with bitter comments or warnings. When the newspapers the Corterels owning posted some negative comments against her, she sued the editor and won the trial and fifty thousand euros.

“Stop it father,” he murmured, but Andrew Corterel didn’t seem willing to obey.    

“She poses a threat for our interests. That foolish Donaldson was by our side. Now he’s in jail. We are losing our allies.”

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