34. The courage of the fall

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Note: Here we are! The one before the end. I don't know how to feel about that. I will sure miss writing about them. They were the first characters I present in public and you embraced them with such love and interest. Thank you for the great comments and the votes and the love you've been showing! I first published it here on September 26th and we are in your hearts for more than a year!

The courage of the fall or Katharsis II, as it was previously named, is a sequel to the previous chapter, Katharsis. They can't be read separately, so before proceeding, please return back and read the previous one again. Many people ask why Katharsis with K and not Cathatsis with c, as it is the correct form. Well, I wanted to keep the Greek dictation for personal reason. I've decided to rename the chapter of the Civil Twilights' song, "The courage of the fall."

Chapter dedicated to @tetakali. I don't know if she reads my story, but she was so nice to me. This is the last dedication guys. The next one will be dedicated to all of you and to me...  

              34. The courage of the fall

“And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.”

John Steinbeck, East of Eden

"Men wasn't made to live alone
that's why I have my enemies
whenever I close my eyes
they're all I can see

Every man needs his savior.
Every savior needs his task
But which one am I?
The man or the one behind the mask?"

Civil Twilight, "The courage of the Fall"

The lavish chambers came to life as both monarchs entered in the middle of the night, after a small gathering held for the Queen’s sake. Roselyn stormed inside with brows furrowed, while the King followed her, talking to someone on his cell phone in perfect German.

“Ja, das stimmt… Der Scheck ist jetzt genug. Vielen Dank. Gute Nacht!”  (Yes, that’s true… The check is sufficient for now.  Thank you. Good night!)

The King immediately hung up and hesitantly stood awkwardly in the middle of her living room, a place so familiar to him the last few nights.

“The Danish agreed,” he muttered. “We succeeded. On Wednesday we will send them the check and it will come to us through Germany.”

The silence between them was deafening, as the Queen gave no reply. By the minute he closed the door behind him, she had already entered her private bedroom, clearly agitated and completely ignoring him and his conversation. The King entered the room hesitantly and stood a few centimeters opposite her.

“Don’t be mad, sweetheart,” he murmured and his voice sounded more like a plea for her to look at him. On the contrary, she was standing in the middle of the room with her arms crossed on her chest.

“How can I not? A simple thing is all I ask. No, I don’t ask. I demand,” she declared vehemently and her voice sounded wounded. All the fuss was created downstairs, at the private party room, when their best friends announced that in two days time, they were about to go their newborn son to the park as his first walk outside. Jade proposed to Roselyn to accompany them, but Alexander intervened brining forth a realm obligation that couldn’t be postponed. Since that moment, the tension between them became unbearable.

“Rose,” he tried to cajole her. “Please. We are in the middle of the winter and although it’s sunshine, the weather is tricky. A simple cold might lead you steps back; you heard the doctors. Plus, the park is huge. I can’t evacuate it or put on patrol all the cops in the country. You don’t know if we are safe yet. Phil and Jade have always the stupidest ideas.”

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