2. Stepping together

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*This chapter is quite descriptive, but it contains some basic information about the kingdom and the scenery. Please, be patient.* 

                      2. Stepping together

"They might smile, they might bow, but they won't hesitate to put a dagger in your heart." 

    The atmosphere in the conference room was thick. Thirty people around the long table were trying to pay attention to the rather boring speech of the prime minister    

 "The country has been divided into Upper and Southern Redmond, since the civil war in 1950's. Dark ages. But now, a new era of prosperity has begun. After the death of our beloved king Robert -may God rest his soul- a referendum was held, and the strong voice of the people was heard. The two states will be reunited again. The system of government in Northern Redmond is Parliamentary Sovereignty. The  System of Government in Upper Redmond is Parliamentary Democracy. According to the new constitution, head of the state will be the palace and the people. No law can be legislated without the palace's approval and no decree can be activated without the consent of the elected government."  

What is he doing? Is he taking notes?

The dark brown eyes of the woman fell discretely on him. He looked serious and concentrated not on the eloquent middle-aged man, but on the papers in front of him. From time to time, he was rubbing his bearded chin, but never taking his eyes away from the table. 

"According to the order of succession, the rightful heir is His Royal Highness, Prince Alexander, grandson of our deceased King. Equal rights  from Upper Redmond belong to Archduke Gifford, who abdicated and transferred all his rights and privileges to his daughter."

Should I do the same? But... No one else is jotting anything down. 

 "Miss Gifford will be known as HRH Princess Roselyn, and the title will be given to her after a formal ball in a few weeks. After the coronation, she will be named Queen Roselyn, Protector of the Realm, and she will be queen regnant and not a queen consort."

  "What's the difference between a queen regnant and a queen consort?" Roselyn asked politely, and her cheekbones became scarlet.

 "Queen consort acquires the title from her husband and has no political or military role, my Lady. Queen regnant, on the contrary, is the legitimate heir to the throne and has the same prerogatives and obligations as the King. There are only a few of the second type.And you will be one of them. "

 A choking sound echoed from the opposite side. The handsome prince was vainly trying to suppress a laughter. When he didn't succeed, he covered his mouth with his palm, bursting into a snorting childish laughter with his shoulders moving involuntarily. Nodding reassuringly towards the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Defense, he glanced sideways at Lord Corterel, his father, who was now scowling angrily.                    

This is not funny! What have I said? 

 Piercing and alluring eyes staring intently at her face, before lowering again at the papers.

"And now let's proceed to our domestic affairs," exclaimed the Master of Protocol. "Miss Gifford will be staying from now on at the palace. She will be given the queen's chambers and two ladies-in-waiting will be at her disposal. The Realm also provides her with personal security and five vehicles for her transportation. Furthermore, Mr. Nathan Hudson will be promoted from press secretary to Royal Equerry for both Highnesses."

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