11. Sleep tight

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This chapter is dedicated to one of my most favorite writers and supporters, to @ElenaStamou, which I adore. Read her story "Storm at heart" and you will never regret it!! 

                       11. Sleep tight 

Sleep tight
Sleep tightly now
Trust me to watch over you

"Nightly disease II," Madrugada

The whole palace was in great turmoil and disruption. You could see people walking briskly through the long hallways, with serious and worried expressions on their faces. There was an ambush that seemed more like a terrorist attack! Alexander's car had been attacked after his workout session at the gym. When the car stopped in front of a traffic light, a man on a motorcycle started shooting towards the left back seat. The bulletproof dark glass had managed to repel more than twelve bullets and other seven were jammed in the sleek surface of the expensive car. Alexander tried to protect himself by doing some maneuvers, but he soon lost control and crushed the black Jeep he was driving.

He arrived at the palace around ten in the night, after a preventive import in a private clinic. Luckily, he had only a substantial cut above his left eyebrow and a bruise on his left arm.  Clad in black jeans and a denim shirt and still in shock, he noticed a bunch of people gathered together in the foyer: his father, the prime minister himself, the minister of Defense, the minister of State and a bunch of other state employees. The Head of the Police was also present, accompanied by the General of the Army, both in their uniforms and medals. His father immediately stepped forward, gripped his hand and led him towards the men, forcing him to handle his gym bag to one of the butlers.

"This was certainly a terrorist attack, your Highness," the police chief declared after a formal curtsey. "Luckily, they were misled. They thought you had a driver, and you were sitting in the back of your car. The surveillance cameras revealed that they were following you from Revolution Avenue. When you turned to Madison BT, the man on the motorcycle came closer and started shooting. From the cartridges, we found out that this kind of lethal ammo is used by the powerful southwest cartel."

"I don't see how I am related to that certain northwest cartel," Alexander blinked and his voice was hoarse and austere. He only wanted to get rid of them, close his eyes and rest in her embrace.

"We believe that it has to do with your organization against corruption in football."

The prince was involved in sports for many years, so he  had decided to fund an organization that could promote integrity in sports and prevent illegal betting. This attempt to uproot that the corrupted system had put him in trouble many times in the past.  

"Where were your bodyguards?" his father demanded and Alexander rolled his tired eyes at Lord Corterel's tone. The suited guards behind the prince had acquired a pale color. They would certainly lose their jobs.

"I dismissed them," he simply replied. "I find it extremely silly to keep them outside the gym to wait for me. The customers are also displeased."

Of course, he was trying to make his father totally mad. He was visiting an exclusive gym with many luxurious amenities, only for members of the elite. 

"This is an irresponsible behavior! Your bodyguards will be interrogated and a further research will be made!" 

"Alexander!" a familiar voice filled the room and his face instantly relaxed from the previous tension. Lord Corterel frowned because of the interruption and the other men remained unexpressed at the site of the female figure.

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