14. Coronations and Goodbyes

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        14. Coronations and Goodbyes

Hey you can tell the world
That you're leaving
And you can pack your bags
And spread your wings
And you can tell them all
That it's over
But while you wave goodbye
I'll be getting closer

Stand there and look into my eyes
And tell me that all we had were lies
Show me that to you don't care
And I'll stay here if you prefer
Yes I'll leave you without a word
Without a word

"Without a Word" by Birdy 

 The coronation and accession ceremony was a total success for the Redmonian palace. The big day started from the cathedral of Densmore, the capital city of Redmond, where they had taken their enthronement oath. After that, the archbishop had crowned them with the “honored by the progenitors” dainty golden crowns and had given them the regalia, a golden sword to the King and a diamond scepter to the Queen, symbols of power and responsibility. The phrase “Anointed, Blessed and Consecrated by the power of the Lord and the Constitution” set the signal for the whole country to pay homage to them.   

After that, there was their speeches towards the people: “People of Redmond, today is a very important day for our country. A new era has begun, with emphasis on the improvement of our country. The future relies on our hands and all together we will work in order to achieve safety, stability and prosperity. I’ve given to my grandfather a promise, before he died. Now I am giving the same promise to you. To do my best, to provide better education for your children, to improve health care system and to help all of you ameliorate your lives.” Alexander declared with a sound and clear voice.

““When I first came here, I was asked what reign means to me,” Roselyn said afterwards in a more professional tone. “I could not answer correctly. Now I know. Reign means kingdom, reign means power, reign means sacrificing what you love most. But mainly, is about finding who you really are, learning how to deal with the difficulties and fighting for what you believe it is right and moral.” 


Roselyn was tapping her fingers on the arm of her velvet throne. Only the tapping. The continuous rhythmical tapping that was helping her concentrate.  Five hundred special guests were there, prime ministers, ministers, envoys and missionaries from all over the world along with the Redmonian aristocracy.  

The palace had spent more than a hundred thousand Euros for the whole event. All those money to provide food, champagne and spectacle to all those pretenders, to all those fake, corrupted people. They looked liked decent paterfamilias, politicians and entrepreneurs, whose mission was world peace. But she knew them well. She knew how to recognize them, and she had the chance to observe them, as her throne was a few centimeters higher than the floor, thanks to five marble steps that uplifted the thrones from the whole ball room. They were predators, eager for more money and power, ready to sell their soul to the devil. She knew well that their smiles could easily turn into sharp teeth ready to devour you.

Once more, she noticed her parents, proud like peacocks, somewhere in the crowd chatting lively with Lord Corterel and others. She noticed Helena, all triumphant smiles, sitting on a table with a large group of Alexander’s friends. And then she noticed him, the reason of her grief and despair. He was glowing from joy, and he was animated and cordial with everyone. Being a great host, as always, he was moving from table to table, toasting with everybody. Today, the people of Redmond proved that he was their real King. Simple citizens from the whole country had arrived to the capital city just to see him for a moment. They were grabbing and kissing his hands and bowing in front of him, as he was a sign of hope for them. She was simply an indifferent foreign woman, with no voice. A stranger, who was standing coldly and awkwardly by his side in every formal occasion.

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