33. Katharsis

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Note: people! I am so sorry for the huge delay! I am very busy these weeks with the exams of my students. I am working more than ten hours per day, so I don't have free time to write, read or edit. But I promise I will catch up as soon as possible. Well the chapter was supposed to be the one before the end. But it was too big... Almost ten pages, so I split it in half.

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Listen to the song on your right!                    

                                         33. Katharsis

This heart is tired and old
This heart is charcoal and cold
This heart throws the white flag

where it gets hard and numb

I give up, I give in
To the whole of your skin
I give up, I give in
When you let go up again
I give up, I give in
Am I doing this again?
I give up

What are you doing in these chambers?
And why are you sleeping in my ventricles?

"This heart" Mary Lambert

The mirror was never lying. The mirror was always telling the truth. And at that certain time, her face was rounder, her cheeks scarlet and her cheekbones weren’t that prominent. She looked healthy and full of life. With a proud smile on her face, Roselyn placed the hand mirror on her bag and touched the smooth fabric of her elegant dress Ellinor and her ladies -in- waiting helped her choose. It was the big day after all.

After fifteen hellish days on that hospital room, it was time to depart and return to the palace, to complete the rehabilitation. No more tests, no other nurses waking her up in the middle of the night, no more large needles sucking her blood twice a day. From now on, all she had to do was rest, follow a balanced diet and exercise her injured arm regularly. Those were the easy things.

She inhaled deeply, trying to remain her equilibrium. In a couple of minutes, she would be outside, in the real world, facing all the obligations that derived from her title and position. Her return to the palace seemed the most rational solution, as she didn’t want to provoke with her choices. But this time things would be different. Her third advent to the palace was about to happen with her own rules. The two other times, she was either naïve or ignorant, but now… now she had the experience and patience to see things from a completely different angle. Everything had come to the surface.

“May I come in?” a familiar male voice interrupted her thoughts and forced her to return towards the door. The tall frame of Andrew Corterel standing in front of the door overwhelmed her.  

“Lord Corterel?” she asked bewildered and prepared herself for one more battle.

“I won’t upset you,” the man excused himself politely. “I just want to discuss with you…about my son.”

With a nod, she allowed him to enter. His confident figure filled the room. A few months ago, that gesture would have caused chills down her spine, but not this time. There wasn’t anything else he could do to her.

“I apologize for not visiting you earlier. I really intended, but Alexander... He wouldn’t allow me near you.”

That was true. The security guards had almost evacuated the whole ward and the two guards outside her door were allowing only certain people appear at her room and Andrew Corterel’s name certainly wasn’t on the list. Even when the Prime Minister and his wife visited her some days ago, they were thoroughly searched. If Alexander learned about that visit- and he would- his father would find himself in trouble. 

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