7. Intruders

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This chapter is quite weird. You've seen that someone entered Rose's room. Some of you were so eager to learn what will happen and even PM me to ask. Some others tried to make some guesses. The only one who find it was my dearest @Zazelle! I consider the chapter funny somehow (and, believe me, you won't encounter many of this kind). 

Step out of your world, forget what's bothering you and enjoy yourselves. Stories must be told. Yes, stories must be told in order we can bear the heavy reality. Goodnight.

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                                                     7. Intruders

The silence between the two successors of the throne was deafening. They were standing in front of the half-open door. Roselyn's eyes were full of nervousness and anxiety. The man next to her seemed pensive, examining the door.

"I... I was sure I locked earlier.," she stuttered as her face had become pale. "Maybe I am overreacting. Maybe the maids forgot to lock."

"Rose, the maids work only in the morning. Let me see."

He entered the room quietly, with her following quietly. There was no sign of violation in the living room, but the lights were turned on. Firstly, they checked her bedroom door, which was sealed. The princess tapped him and pointed at the open door of the other bedroom across the hall. He moved there but she stopped him by grabbing his arm gently.

"Don't go," she whispered with eyes large and feral. "Let's call the security."

"I've served the military. I know what to do. Don't worry. Stay here."

She didn't do as she was told. She followed him briskly towards the open door. Alexander entered the room and rapidly turned the switch on.



Their voices were synchronized as the bodies that were lying on the bed jumped surprised. Philip and Jade realized they were discovered and tried to cover their nakedness. The scene was quite awkward, as their best friends were caught red- handed. No word was said, as both the prince and the princess exited the room and gave the intruders some privacy to get dressed.

Roselyn sat on the couch, while Alexander was standing a few centimeters in front of the fireplace with his hands folded across his chest, examining the place. The last time he was inside this room was a few years ago, and it seemed so different. It had been renovated, and so, it was quite modern now. There were two beige couches, a glass table between them and it was decorated with paintings in smooth colors, vases, and smooth fabrics. It was a room suitable for a princess.

 It was a room suitable for a princess

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