24. Born under a bad sign

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          24. Born under a bad sign

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” Anne Frank   

New Years Day...

And it was like Roselyn’s existence in the palace of Redmond depended solemnly on him. After her revelation to the press about the contract, everything had changed drastically in her life. Her salary had been reduced and out of thin air, she had lost Hudson’s attendance, while her precious team of young scientists had been removed as "inappropriate". So, she had to organize her program all alone, a task that wasn’t easy at all. So, she ended up arriving late on important meetings or not showing up at all. All that was left for her was two dozens of bodyguards, her hair stylist, who was paid by her salary and, surprisingly, her two ladies-in- waiting.  

At the beginning, the Queen started protesting vehemently. Having the right of the veto, she was blocking every enactment or legislation the King was proposing, causing turmoil and disruption. She was only bickering and shouting, but without any result. She tried to face him by appearing in his office countless times, but she was always being sent away by his butler. 

With those thoughts in his mind, the King was wandering from table to table at Clayton palace, where his father was hosting the first celebratory dinner of the New Year for the political leaders and the Redmonian aristocracy. The Christmas holidays had lessened the political tension and that only because he had chosen to spend his free time in his chalet in Saint Moritz skiing and clubbing, in a vain attempt to retain his equilibrium. 

He was tired from exchanging pleasantries and wishes and almost fell when he tripped into Violet’s light blue gown. The woman pouted and tried to straighten her dress.

“Hey, Vi,” he muttered dryly and seemed surprised seeing her there. “I thought you stayed with the guys.” His girlfriend and the rest of the party had remained in Switzerland, but he returned a day before the New Years Eve in the capital, because something was eating him.

“No,” Violet shook her head. “I and Angelique returned. We couldn’t leave the Queen alone these days. I wanted to talk to you about her.”

He raised an eyebrow clearly interested. Then he nodded and walked with his friend to a quiet corner of the room.

“Alexander, she’s very lonely.”

He knew that. Since that day they declared war, it was like she had lost her sparkle, her livelihood. The native and the foreign press were calling her “The queen that never smiles” and that was true. Roselyn was like a wounded animal, licking her wounds and ready to attack anyone. 

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