18. Embraces

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This is a special chapter for two reasons. Because we've reached 400 votes and secondly, because I had written it some months ago. I enjoyed writing that and the next one so much, so I hope you'll like it as well. 

Some of you judge the King from the beginning. And yes, you are correct. But think about something. Alexander was promised a throne and hoped that he will do whatever he wanted. But instead of the throne, he got a girl. And when he accepted Roselyn, as his future, he compromised in order to be king. Now, he has the throne, but it's not what he had in mind. All he got is boring meetings and responsibilities. And the girl has become a woman and doesn't need him or care about him. That bothers him, and he doesn't know what to do.

This chapter is dedicated to @maraki27, one of my new readers. I've run out of people to dedicate, so if anyone whishes to see his name here please PM me. To all of you who read, I have to say a huge thank you. You have changed my life. So enjoy!  

                 18. Embraces

“Ok everyone, that’s all for today.  Twenty minutes more or less won’t save the country.”

He didn’t have to end the meeting with Solar Consolidated, one of the most powerful photovoltaic companies of the north. They could probably stay for an hour or so. But he did it for her. No matter what had happened between them, he was still in the position to understand when she was well or not. And you didn’t have to be a clairvoyant to realize that at exactly that moment she was under the weather.

The Queen was working around the clock for more than thirteen hours per day. Continuously and unstoppably. When she wasn’t accepting members of the parliament or ambassadors or foreign Ministers or members of the capital’s council, she was at social events, or she was working with her team till early morning hours. She was working more than everyone else inside this palace. She had surpassed even Hudson and thus, she was unbeatable, like she was preparing for a war. 

He lifted his shimmering eyes to the woman at the other edge of the table. Although her makeup could cover her dark circles, the signs of exhaustion were obvious to her working partners and especially to him. She hastily murmured something to the young lady on her left and passed a document to the Minister of Energy, who after lifted up from his seat and straighten his suit afterwards. He leaned back in his chair and stared at her, while the other executives were preparing to depart.

He had regretted breaking that vase a few days ago in front of her. He would definitely take it back, including all those words he had said to her that night. He was feeling that Roselyn was trying to draw herself away from him as far as possible. Now she was never looking at his side, she was using separate vehicles for her transportation and she wasn’t even eating at the same table with him, if she was eating at all. The first days of her arrival, she was having breakfast and dinner at the casual dining room with him and their guests. After their last fight, she wasn’t appearing there anymore. The previous week, she attended an official dinner with the German ambassador and his wife. She barely touched her food, exchange some pleasantries with the couple and left early without addressing anything to him. To top it all, she had cancelled her official trip to Boeotia, the region she was coming from, and left him spend some hellish northern days. He was hoping to spend some time alone with her there, maybe apologize, but all he got was boring meetings instead, and a Helena who was always complaining that the humidity was destroying her hairstyle.

Hudson, his personal spy, as Philip was calling the assistant, was informing him about Roselyn’s daily program, even for the minor details of her routine. She had become workaholic.

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