3.First day of the rest of your life

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Note: I don't how to express my gratitude for all your sweet and kind comments. All of them are food for thought for me. 

Some readers like long chapters, some others shorter ones. Some others prefer descriptions, some dialogues, some of you like dashes, some ellipticals. I wish I could satisfy all of you and believe me, I try hard. If you want my advice, concentrate more on the plot and the characters and not on the form, which will change, since I'm not editing yet. 

Last week there was a long conversation about stereotypical characters. You said they are shallow and cliches and I replied again and again that this is happening on purpose. And that's the magic of the stories, right? To see your heroes evolve. What I am also repeating all the time is that you should not underestimate the prince. 

I find your comments very important and it is crucial to me that you write your opinion after each chapter. I want to know what exactly you like and what you don't. If you notice a grammatical mistake or so please note it. Good criticism gives us strength and inspiration. Bad criticism helps us improve!! 

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                3. The first day of the rest of your life.

"What time is it there? Five? Do these Redmondians sleep at all?"

    The playful female voice at the other side of the line made the princess smile broadly. She was still in her king-size bed, enjoying the warmness the covers were providing, as the pale sun rays were piercing her bedroom.

"Actually, it's 8:10. We have seven hours difference. Why are you awake that late? Aren't you working tomorrow?"

"I am. I just couldn't sleep. Our home looks so lonely without you... Come back, please."

"Oh, Jade... I wish I could," she replied in a sweet tone, trying to hide the nostalgia. "I've missed you and our home... Why don't you come to visit me for a few days?"

Since their first day in college, Roselyn and her friend, Jade, became inseparable. After their graduation from Law school, they both found a job in a community center in New York, and started cohabiting in a small apartment. The mild temper of the first was balancing the extrovert idiosyncrasy of the latter.

When a few delegates of the Redmonian embassy along with emissaries sent by her parents came to the plain apartment, their serene life was disrupted. Roselyn was forced to move to Redmond out of a sudden, as they left her no alternative while Jade left behind to keep up with her life.

"I'd love to, but we'll see if I can take a leave. What's going on, Rose? Do they treat you well or should I kick their asses?"

"I just feel like a fish out of the water. I meet new people all the time, ministers, dukes, members of the parliament, but it is pointless. I do not talk to them; I just listen to them babbling all the time about food, horses, other people, not about serious affairs."  

"And how is our prince charming?" Jade asked in a playful tone, clearly not interested in politics.

"I don't have much to say," the future princess hesitated. "I've been here for a week and I saw him only once."

"Why? Isn't he there?" 

As if electric current hit her body, she pushed the covers aside and stood in front of the ottoman, where her silky robe was lying. It was a cloudy day. From her room, she had a tremendous view of the lavish gardens. Some gardeners were mowing the lawn and paying extra attention to the roses, anemones and camellias on a daily basis. The most breathtaking was the grand fountain, made of gray marble and decorated with a very impressive statue of Neptune.

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