15. Grow

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Dedicated to @krysti_1999. I don't know if she has read my story yet, but she has dedicated two chapters of her story to me, so it's the least I can do for her.

  To those who read, I hope you enjoy, to those who don't like it, you probably have your reasons.      Oh! And don't be confused! At the beginning there is a FLASHBACK! "Reign" is like a chain of events,so if you want to refresh your memory, you should go back to chapter 3. Thanks!                     

                            15. Grow

Don't miss you ways
Don't miss your leaving

Love live my pain
Long live my feelings

Blind and childish
I won't fight it
Here I hide
Underneath my innocence

"Grow", Rae Morris

‘Are you out of your mind, father?” Alexander's vivid voice filled the spacious office in Clayton palace, the permanent residence of Andrew Corterel. “This is too far even for you!”

“My point of view is pretty logical.”

“Where exactly logic is? It’s been two weeks since her arrival, and you ask me to fall in love with her!”

“No, Alexander. I ask you to marry Ms. Gifford. These are completely different things.”

The prince sighed and started pacing nervously across the room with his arms folded across his chest. He started tapping his fingers on his muscular arms.

“You know what? This is ridiculous! I never date a woman for more than twelve hours, and now you want me to marry? The answer is no. You don’t program these things! I won’t lose my freedom, and I won’t involve into any sort of permanent relationship!”

“You will do exactly as I say,” his father replied back in a quiet by imposing tone.

“And why so?” he asked ironically and stopped walking. The two Corterel men were now standing one opposite another looking at each other antagonistically.

“Because her father is the wealthiest man in the north and our strongest ally. He controls everything up there, the press, the companies, the members of the parliament. After the reunification Lord Gifford will support and provide us security and stability. In other words, if we don’t have his support, we won’t be able to govern.”

“And why is the wedding necessary?”

“Every smart man of this country will try to get inside her pants. And whoever achieves that first, will have immense political power. What if she ends up with one of our enemies? Women are so vulnerable when in love, Alexander. They can give their lives, let alone a throne! You saw what happened at the ball. Everyone tried to approach her, and you weren’t even close! George Burdon spent the whole night wooing her. Even your friend Philip Longmire danced with her.”

“I warned her about the Burdons,” he barked angrily. “She will listen.”

“Oh, really? That’s why she had dinner with Georgie last night? ”

The news stunned him. He wasn’t informed about that. She hadn’t followed his advice and kept associated with Burdon. The thought bothered him. He started pacing again nervous and agitated.

“And what does the girl say?” he asked after a while, arching an eyebrow. “Does she agree to that fake relationship?”

“She doesn’t have to know. She will never know. There will be an undisclosed contract between you, me and her parents. Mr. Gifford is a sensible man and wants the best for his daughter, of course. He is paying us a lot of money for Roselyn’s happiness.”

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