12. The months of love...

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Note: Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!! This is a very celebrating chapter. Many parts of the world have already celebrated 2014, so it's my turn to wish Happy New Year! I hope 2014 will be lucky for all of us. Health, Happiness and Prosperity to all of you and your families. Learn to respect the simple things and enjoy the presence of your loved ones. The other reason I am celebrating is that it's been a year since my arrival in Wattpad. I've downloaded it as an application, very ignorant that it will be a new territory for me, where I would be able to read perfect stories and meet awesome people! Thank you all for being here. 

About "Reign" now. I didn't find time to update sooner because I was very busy! I warn you, this is the last -let's say- happy chapter. From the next one things will come to their place. 

This chapter is dedicated to my lovely new reader @SunshineBeauty. Her comment lifted my spirit and so, I devote the chapter to her with all my heart! 

                12. The months of love...

"Happiness is such a fragile thing. 

A thin veil can shred it into million pieces...

So plainly. So imperceptibly." 


Six months later/ Late May

I'll dismiss them.  

Roselyn's lips twitched into a shy smile, as she was reading Alexander's neat handwriting on a small piece of paper that Hudson had passed discretely to her. The princess grabbed her pen with excitement and left her note on the same paper underneath his message.

We can't just send them away! They are Redmond's most wealthy men. Our economy needs them. 

The princess grabbed her cell phone and quickly texted him under the long conference table. They were attending a very important meeting with the most influential entrepreneurs of the state. A tall old man was presenting an investing plan that could benefit some degraded areas of Densmore, the capital city of Redmond.  All the people inside the room were concentrated on the presentation. Another piece of paper came to her hands a few minutes later.

But I need you. Immediately. I want to feel you... Savior your taste, your smell...

Frustrated, she tried to avoid the angry scowl of his father, Lord Corterel, who must have realized their game of seduction. Instantly, she blocked everyone out and concentrated solemnly on the prince who was sitting on the opposite edge of the table, nonchalantly rubbing his stubbled chin. The man, so handsome in his expensive gray suit, was nodding and lifting his eyebrows towards the eloquent orator, but when he realized that she was staring, he leaned backward and pierced her with his intense gaze. She smiled at him and it was a moment of plain happiness. 


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