I got this feeling,
I'm losing you.

And it's got me reeling,
I need a clue.

Got my heart burning,
I lost my spell.

Can't see you turning up.
This looks like hell.

I can't fight this feeling.
It's not in my head.
And I know it was something I did, baby.

I can't fight this feeling.
I'm out of control.
Got to get back to the life that I know!

I'm not freaking out.
But it feels like time is running out.
How did this shit come about?

I'm not freaking out.
But I'm afraid,
Afraid of losing you.

Freaking Out by Mystery Skulls


I walked out of the Great Hall about five minutes after Harry did claiming I wanted to go to the library for a bit before class. In actuality, I was going to read my mum's book for a bit.

I was also going to try to contact dad. He hasn't been showing up in my dreams. I'm worried about him.

He hasn't told me where exactly he is, all I know is that it's some prison called Azkaban, but I don't know where that is. I know it's horrible. He tries to make it seem like he's not hurt and that he's okay. 'It's not that bad' he says, but I know he's lying.

I'm not going to let him continue to rot and suffer wherever he is. There's no way I could break him out, well there is but that'd just cause more problems to arise.

I'll do the next best thing. I'll prove his innocence!

Pettigrew, wherever you are, you better be ready. 'Cause I'm coming for you, ya git!

I've got the spell down, ok, now all I have to do is find Melody.

I left the library and while the most logical thought was to go to the Great Hall to look for her, for some reason I decided to go to the Gryfinndor common room instead.

I'm glad I did too, because that's exactly where I found her. Lying on the couch reading her mum's book and from the looks of it, thinking very intensely.
MELODY'S POV (Again; Sorry for the many POV switches) (5 minutes before Harry leaves the library)

I looked through mum's book to see what I could do to help dad and what I should do about Harry.

Should I forgive him? So easily? Should I ignore him? Should I avoid him? What should I do?

He needs to understand the gravity of the situation but do I have to be so mean about it? If I forgive him so easily he won't get it and then this situation might repeat itself.

On the other hand, he might think I'm not worth fussing over and end up chasing after someone else.

Why have a rude girlfriend when you could have any girl you'd like? Privileges of being the Boy Who Lived.

I continued to look through mum's book until I found one page about my dad and her. They were in a similar situation.

Dad was being reckless, nearly got himself killed, mum freaked out and didn't talk to him for weeks. Dad sulked the entire time and continued to try to talk to her.

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