'Never give up! Not on others, not on this world, and not on yourself! Keep going! I just know you can do it! As long as you have hope and never give up!' ~Amani Lanae


I woke up early and got ready for the day. Today we go back to Hogwarts.

The only bad thing? I can't talk or touch Harry for 3 more hours. That is the time it will take for us to get to the platform and on the train.

Lucky me. Note the sarcasm there.

Xander, you stink!

'Love you too, cousin!'

I heard her reply through telepathy.

I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs to help Mrs.
Weasley make breakfast.

"Good morning, Mrs. Weasley." I greeted kindly.

"Good morning, dear! How did you sleep? And what are you doing up so early?" She smiled.

"I want to help you make breakfast for everyone. Is that alright with you?" I asked a bit shyly.

Her face broke out into a huge smile and she nodded beckoning me forward.

She gave me some pancake batter, a pan, and a spatula and left me to my work.

Ok, let's do this.

I'll make everyone good pancakes not like the bad ones I'd make for the Dursleys, good ones. For Harry, I'll make my special pancakes.

Alright then, let's begin.

I got to work and halfway through, I realized that pancakes aren't just enough for breakfast!

I took a quick glance towards Mrs. Weasley and saw that she had made waffles, eggs, and toast.

Hmm, seems like it's enough after all-

My eyes widened in shock.




I quickly ran over to the fridge and grabbed turkey bacon and regular bacon and ran right back over to my little work space.

I immediately got to work on the rest of breakfast and by the time both Mrs. Weasley and I were finished, the boys, Alex, and Ginny had finally come down.

"Mmm, smells fantastic mum!" The twins chorused immediately sitting down and grabbing a plate.

"Yea, thanks mum/Mrs. Weasley. " Ron, Ginny, Harry, and Xander praised.

"Thanks but I can't take all of the credit. Half of this breakfast was made by Melodia."

They all turned to look at me with shock filled faces.

"You cook?" All of them, excluding Harry and Mrs. Weasley, exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes.

"Of course I cook. I just don't cook so often 'cause there's never really a chance for me to. Hogwarts always has food made already, and Mrs. Weasley has breakfast ready by the time I wake up."

They nodded in understanding then began eating.

"Ahem!" Mrs. Weasley coughed loudly.

"Oh! Yea, thanks Mel/Melly."

"No problem!" I smiled.

Harry hasn't said a word to me or even glanced at me this entire time. It's good and at the same time a little saddening.

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