A three headed dog...


Merlin's beard!

Why would they keep a beast as ferocious as that in a school?!?!?

That's when I noticed something... A door.



I looked towards Melody, to see that she had her eyes closed and she was glowing as bright as the sun, maybe even brighter.

And I was not exaggerating. She was literally glowing, there was a whole white light around her and everything.

But, why?



I was deep in thought, when I saw a bright light. I looked up and saw Dia glowing.


This is amazing... But, why is she glowing?


RON'S POV (Welcome to world, my friend)

I looked at Harry and Hermione and saw them staring at something, so naturally I did the same.

My eyes burned for a second, but when they recovered I saw Mel glowing.

Ok...I'm no expert, but I don't think she should be glowing.

So, why???



I felt eyes on me, so I reopened mine.

Immediately I saw Harry, Ron, and Mione staring at me.

I raised an eyebrow and asked,


No response.

Ok then, I'll just figure it out on my own.

'You're glowing, ya weirdo!' Yelled the voice I heard before.

 'I am?'  I thought.

Surely enough, when I looked down at my arm, there was a bright, white light surrounding it.

'Is this normal?' I asked the voice.

' For Earth elementals and universally powered elementals, yes.' It answered.

'Oh, ok.'

'Don't worry, it'll vanish soon.'

'Ok thanks, just one question.'

'No prob, what is it?'

'What's your name, 'cause I don't feel like calling you the voice in my head. It makes me think I'm going bonkers.'

'Oh, hehe. I got ya. My name's Alexandra, but you can call me Xander.'

I froze.

My eyes widened, and I think my heart stopped beating.


I screamed while jumping up, nearly flying 50 feet in the air.

This seemed to snap the trio out of their trance, because they jumped up, alert and concerned.

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