It was going to be the middle of the day soon, which means Harry, Mione and Ron should be coming soon.

I was staring out the window at the sky, the sun was raised high and there wasn't a single cloud to be seen. It was absolutely beautiful.

A bird flew onto the window sill, I slowly raised my hand and stroked it. It nuzzle its head into my hand and chirped happily. I smiled at it, starting to hum a little song of my own.

I sensed someone approaching, expecting it to be Hermione, Ron or Harry, I just continued to hum my song and stroke the bird, not quite caring who it was anymore.

"That's a nice song you are humming. Would you mind telling me what song it is?" Asked a familiar, comforting voice.

I smiled, and answered.

"Passion by Utada Hikaru, or as I call it, Sanctuary."

"Ah, a very interesting song, full of strength, hope, and security. Such an innocent, pure song. Only few know of it."

"I remember hearing my mum sing me to sleep with the song. She would always sing it to me when I couldn't sleep or if I was scared. It was wonderful. She told me its name was Passion, but I never actually called it that. I've always called it Sanctuary, it just seems fitting for the song..."

"Indeed, it seems like a better name for it. It seems to fit it perfectly."

I nodded, letting the bird fly away, and smiling as I watched it soar.

"You're an extraordinary girl, you know that? You've got strength, compassion, and you're selfless, much like your mother. However, you posses a power only you can control. No other elemental, wizard, witch or other creature can handle it, nor can they harness it."

I stared back at Professor Dumbledore with a curious look,

"Is it the thing with the light?"

"That all depends on what you think." He answered with a wink.

I smiled and nodded, just as Harry, Hermione, and Ron came bursting in. Mione looked steamed, Ron looked a bit upset, but forgiving, and Harry looked worried.

"Well, I must be going now. I shall see you at your next lesson. Before I go, just remember, even in the darkest of times, the light will always be there show you the way out."

I nodded and watched as he rose and headed for the exit of the hospital wing. But right before he left, I whispered something I was sure he heard.

"It's in your heart too."

I saw him smile, before he disappeared out the door.

I then turned to a fuming Mione, an unhappy Ron, and a concerned Harry.

Suddenly Mione started yelling her lungs out at me while I just zoned out, that is, until I felt the light again. I turned and peered into their hearts. Although Mione was screaming at me, her heart was shinning bright like the stars, Ron's was too just not as bright, and Harry's shone brighter than them all.

I giggled, and they all stopped and stared.

"What is so funny?!?" Mione shrieked.

I just smiled and answered,

"Your hearts...are full of light."

They all stared at me skeptically.

"And how would you know that?" Mione questioned, still upset about the whole ordeal.

"Because...I can see it. Yours is glowing brightly Mione, as are Ron's and Harry's. You yell at me, yet each time you do your heart shines brighter."

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