This is my very first fan fiction and it's an EunKook fic. I can't remember when I started to ship them, I just do. They are so precious to me because they are the first Idols that I ship hardcore! I hope there will really be more interactions between BTS and GFRIEND in the future. If you guys don't ship EunKook I'm fine with that, just don't spread hate okay? Let's just respect each other's ships and continue to love BTS and GFRIEND.

Also, I'm not good in english, it's not my native language. Feel free to correct me if there are wrong grammars, spelling etc. If you're going to use lines, paragraphs, phrases etc from my fiction,  do tell me and take it it with full credits. I don't bite  ;)

I made the book cover myself buuuuuut I got the photo from google so I guess I simply placed the title there and my name and tadaaaa! I have a book cover.

Enjoy Eunkook shippers!!


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