Breakfast Problem

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Chapter 18: Breakfast Problem

"I call the other room!" Jason exclaimed, suddenly feeling better from the punch I gave him.

I turned to him and shoved him out of the door before he could run in; slamming the door in his face. I made sure to lock it before he could even try to get in, then turned to Cole.

One left.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Jason hit the door helplessly. We ignored him as we raced each other to the room. He was in front which was the only way I knew which room we were going to have to fight for.

He shoved the door open and turned to grin at me. "Loser." I glared at him.

"You cheated." I crossed my arms.

His mouth dropped open slightly. "How?"

I looked through his arm, into the room, without responding.

It was a small room. There was a bed against the wall and a small closet at the opposite of it, with a window on the other wall opposite of us. The room was pretty empty, just the bed and a lamp next to it. I looked away from it and up at Cole. I refused to sleep on the couch. Especially with Jason.

"You can't let me sleep on the couch." I pouted.

"I can't?" He raised an eyebrow, a smirk growing on his lips. "Cuz I think I can." He took a step back, into the room and with a quick wink he shut the door.

My mouth fell open as I stared at the door. He did not. I frown and walk back into the living room area to see that Jason made himself comfortable. He was sprawled out on the couch watching tv. I sigh and walked past him into the kitchen. I past a clock and end up walking backwards to look at it. It was only 8 am. I groaned loudly. Your kidding.

"What's wrong with you?" I heard behind me. I turn around to see Jason leaning on the wall.

"It's only eight!" I point at the clock. "The day just started!" I exclaimed as I ran my hand through my hair.

He walked past me to get to the cabinet. "I think you should take a nap. Time will pass faster and I'm sure you've had a rough morning."

I nodded. He's right. "Yeah. Your right can I-"

He cuts me off. "Course I'm right! But not on the couch." He shook his head. "Nope, I'm going to watch some tv and eat some snacks, maybe sleep. You know, waste my day away." He waved his hand, that held a potato chip, around.

"Hmph." I frown turning around heading back to the rooms. I stand in front of the door in defeat and knocked on the extra room Cole was in. I stood there for a second, waiting for him to answer but he never did. I turned the knob and slowly creaked the door open.

I feel like I'm a killer in a horror movie looking for the victim.

I peeked in and saw him laying on the bed comfortably. He was asleep.

I walked in careful not to make any noise and closed the door slightly. I stood there for a moment, weighing my options.

I could lay on the bed with him. It's big enough for two and he was only taking up a bit less than half. He's already asleep, I doubt he'll notice. Or I could go figure out where else to take a nap, most likely the floor.

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