Boy Friend

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Chapter 11: Boy Friend

I told Rachel everything. From the sudden confidence to the ice cream, all the way to the conversation I overheard. She had told me not to worry about it, it wasn't my business, so I dropped it. She was right, it wasn't my business.

Even though he had only tutored me for a week I was already understanding the class better. We took a test today and I knew the answers to most of it. I was hoping I passed but I wouldn't know until Monday.

The downside of the tutoring though, it made him cocky and smug. He knew, that he knew more than I did and that I actually needed help in something that he thought was very easy.

After school ended today, I went to my car as quickly as I could. I was looked for Cole; I accidentally left my notebook in his car yesterday after rushing out. I didn't notice until this morning when I couldn't find it.

He didn't show up to any classes today, which I found odd since he had been there all week, but at the same time, I barely started noticing he was even in my classes.

I was planning to go over to Jason's as soon as I got home, he wasn't at school either. I hoped he was at home.

I started up my car and drove to my house. Parking in the driveway I got out and walked straight to Jason's house, not even bothering to drop my things off at my house first.

I knew he was home because his car was in the driveway, but so were two other cars. I just hoped he was the one to answer the door and not anyone else.

I walked up the steps and stopped in front of the door. I knocked once, twice, and I was about to go for a third when Jason opened the door.

"Woah. No need to hit me." He gestured towards my fist that was in the air ready to hit him. I quickly brought it down to my side.

"Sorry. Err, do you know where Cole is?" I asked shyly rocking on the heels of my feet, waiting for a reply.

"Aw. Does little Angelica miss her boyfriend?" He asked in a way one would ask a baby if it wanted a bottle. I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"No, one, he has my notebook, that I need, for school and two, he is a friend, not a boyfriend." I stated putting my hands on my hips.

He shrugged leaning comfortably against the door. "What's the difference? He's a boy that's a 'friend'." He used his fingers as air quotes when saying friends, then continued. "Which together is boyfriend. Same thing." He pointed out.

I shook my head. "Um no. Okay. There is a big difference."

He raised his eyebrows before smirking and asking, "Yeah, what's the difference?"

"The difference is this little space called the friend zone." I told spreading my hands apart from each other to show space. He chuckled before nodding.

"Makes sense. But Cole isn't here. He's... gone. He'll be back by in school on Monday though so ask him for it then." He says before shutting the door.

"Ok then." I stood there looking at the door.

"That was rude." I mumbled to myself as I walked home only to find it empty, not that it was a surprise. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the counter.


Dad, Reece, and I left to Aunt Jennie's house for the weekend. You're uncles Alex and Robert said they would love to see you so go over to their house this weekend. Sorry you couldn't join us to aunt Jennies.

-Your family

I scoffed as I finished reading the letter. Sorry my butt, they didn't care if they left me home alone. I was just happy I got to go see both my uncles.

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