Base waterballoon

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"Oh, they got water balloons in their hands "
-Rodney Atkins (chasin' girls)

Chapter 7: Base water balloon

"Tell me!" I begged for the hundredth time, leaning closer to him.

"No." He ignored me and kept driving.

"Please. I won't tell anybody." He gave me an annoyed look before returning his eyes to the road.

"You're the only one that doesn't know." He says rolling his eyes.

"I don't know either!" Katie yelled out from the back seat.

"Exactly!" I exclaim, throwing my hands in the air, moving back a bit. "Tell us." I try again.

I was sitting in the passenger seat of Coles car with Katie in the back seat, going, who knows where. I was trying to convince him to tell me, even give me a small clue, but there was no point, he was dead set on not telling me.

After Cole had dropped me of yesterday I had joined everyone in the living room. They were watching Titanic. Let me just say, that door could have easily fit both of them on it. It's ridiculous.

After we finished the movie everyone asked me how it was and I replied with good. They all went to bed after a while then Andrew and Rachel followed me to my room. We stayed up until 12 talking about it. Rachel, practically started planning our wedding. Andrew had just said to be careful and we went to sleep.

This morning I had woken up before my alarm and saw that both my parents had already left for work. I woke Rachel and Andrew up and kicked them out of the house, telling them I would see them on Monday.

I woke up my brother and made him a pb&j then dropped him off at Cher's so I could go to the Bank's home to babysit Katie.

I had changed into a orange and brown striped spaghetti string top, white shorts and my white vans.

I got to their house and Katie was already up bouncing around the house waiting for breakfast, which Cole was making

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I got to their house and Katie was already up bouncing around the house waiting for breakfast, which Cole was making. The Bank's had already left to wherever they were going to.

Cole had made pancakes and we all sat down to eat. After we finished he said he had to go somewhere and left leaving me and Katie to ourselves.

We ended up having a Disney movie marathon. We watched Wall-E, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid. Towards the end of The Little Mermaid Cole walked in.

"Hey munchkin." He bent down and picked up Katie. I smiled. "Let's go." He nodded at me then towards the door. I gave him a confused look but followed him to his car

That brings me to where I was now. Sitting in his car sill not knowing where we were going.

I was brought out of thought when Cole stopped the car and got out without saying a single word. I looked outside the window to see we were at a park. Cole walked towards the field disappearing behind a couple of trees.

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