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Chapter 3: Babysitting

I was looking down at the piece of paper Cole had given me.

Are boys even allowed to have such good hand writing? I think not.

I looked at my phone for the time before sighing. It was already 4:30pm.

I suppose I should be leaving now.

I grabbed my bag and keys before getting into my car. I put the address into the GPS before reversing into the street and driving in the direction I was told to.

It was a 15minute drive from my house to hers. I parked in the driveway and walked up the steps to the door and knocked three times.

As I waited I took in the house. It was gorgeous, two stories high, and the garden in the front was beyond beautiful.

A few seconds later Mrs. Banks comes out in a dark purple long strapless dress. Next to her was Mr. Banks in a tux that had a matching purple tie.

 Banks in a tux that had a matching purple tie

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"Going to dinner?"

"Yes we are." Mrs. Banks grinned as she moved to the side letting me in. "It's our anniversary."

"And we're already late, let's go honey." Mr. Banks said checking his watch and starting to lightly push the back of his wife's lower back to get her to move."Thank you so much for this Anne." He smiles walking past me

"Okay, okay. I'm going. Angelica, there's a paper on the fridge about everything you need to know. Call me if anything happens!" she yelled half way down the driveway.

I nodded although I doubt she could see me and make my way into the house. Walking into the kitchen I instantly saw the note on the fringe. I grabbed it and read over it.


Katie needs to read a book and her dinner is in the fridge. Her bed time is at 8 and she needs to shower before bed. Cole should get there around 9. You could leave if you'd like after that. Feel free to treat yourself to anything in the pantry and fridge what's ours in yours! The control to the tv should be on the couch. If you need us we're a call away!

Jen: (626) XXX-XXXX
Richard: (626) XXX-XXXX

P.S. Katie's allergic to peanuts.

-Jennifer Banks

I see where Cole got his good writing from.

I looked at the time on the clock that hung above the sink. It read 5:00. I put the note down and went looking for Katie.

"Katie!" I called into the living room before making my way up the stairs.

"Here!" She popped her head out of the first room to the left as she waved to me.

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