Meeting Cole

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Chapter 2: Meeting Cole


I shifted in my bed, pulling the blanket over my head trying to block out the light coming in from the window.

Ding! Ding!

Ugh. Who is that?!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

"I'm going, I'm going!" I yell as I get up off my bed stretching in the process. I walk to the front door with a yawn and open it to see my neighbor, Cher.

"Hey. What are you doing here today?" I asked sleepily as I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision.

"I came to take Reece to school?" She questioned slightly confused with a hint of amusement in her eyes.

"It's Saturday." I stated in annoyance, glaring at her for waking me up so early on a weekend.

"No, its Friday." She corrected with an amused grin. I laughed but quickly stopped when Cher didn't join in.

She's serious.

"Oh god." I ran back to my room and quickly threw on a white, orange and black striped blouse pairing it with a pair of high waisted shorts, making sure to tuck in the shirt to give it a cuter look.

Simple yet effective thing to do.

"Bye Angelica!" I hear Reece and Cher call out from the front door as it slams shut

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"Bye Angelica!" I hear Reece and Cher call out from the front door as it slams shut.

"Buf gufs!" I called back as I brushed my hair and my teeth at the same time.

I need more hands.

I ran to my closet and grabbed my vans trying to put them on as I ran to the door, somehow, resulted in me face planting into the floor.

I groaned and quickly got back up.

I finished tying my shoe laces and ran as quickly as I could to my car. "I'm ready!" I yelled to myself as I sat in the drivers seat struggling to buckle my seat belt seeing as it refused to pull out more. "Why do you hate me?" I say as I let go before trying again at a slower rate. Finally I buckled up and smiled.

I'm ready to go.
Where are the keys?

I patted myself down for my keys, not finding them, I groaned.

Damn I knew I forgot something!

I got out and ran back inside grabbing the keys off the counter and my backpack, that I had also forgotten, by the front door and again, ran to the car.

"Now, I'm ready." I tell myself in a mumble as I put the car in reverse and drove off to school.

When I got to school I quickly found a parking spot and jumped out of the car, making sure to lock it behind me as I ran into the building.

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