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Chapter 15: Fight

"You're alive?"

I held my head that was pounding against my skull. This was all too much, especially after that fall and them hitting me in the back of the head. I'm surprised I didn't die.

I might be overreacting.

I groaned as I moved my hand to the back of my head, feeling the slightly sticky spot and flinched when I remember the reason for it.

Gang people are so rude.

I put my hand down beside me and looked back up at the three. All staring at me as if I was going to explode any second. They weren't wrong.

Sofia stood up cautiously and I followed, standing up a bit too quickly, making me dizzy. We stood for a minute, staring at each other, not saying a word.

I debated whether to hug her or to hit her.

I missed her. She was my twin, my other half, we were inseparable since we were born. She's always been there for me before she left. She left- left her life, her friends, her family, she left everyone. She left me and on my birthday of all days; our birthday. She never came back and she wasn't planning to. She made me believe she was dead when she wasn't. She lied.

I then turned my gaze from Sofia to my two uncles which both had a regretful look in their eyes. They looked at the floor, avoiding making eye contact with me. This is the first time I've even seen them bow their heads. They never do that.

My gaze hardened as my mind came to the conclusion that they knew she was alive and hadn't told me. I glared at them and saw them glance at Sofia, still avoiding even glancing at me.

I turned my glare to her.

She moved forward and I moved back, not wanting to be close to her at the moment. A look of hurt passed in her eyes as she saw my movement.

I didn't care.

"Angie I-"

"Angelica. My name's Angelica." I cut her off in such a cold tone that it made her flinch back.

She nodded before continuing. "Angelica. Look I'm sorry you had to find out like this. Bu-"

I stopped her. I wasn't going to listen to her pathetic excuse of an apology. "You don't need to apologize. It's your life. Live it however you want I'm not your mother. You always did what you wanted without caring if it hurt anyone before, I shouldn't have expected that to change for little ol' me. I mean geez. If you didn't care to stay faithful to Mike, 'the love of your life'" I put air quotes around that part as I continued, "while he was in Florida, then why would you care how much everyone would suffer after your death act."

Death act. Really Angelica?

"Angelica. I couldn't tell you I was alive. I made a deal and a promise to someone important and I got stuck in a bad situation. Im figuring things out, I'm trying to solve it and as soon as I had I was going to visit you to tell you everything." She said softly.

I laughed humorlessly. "Visit me? Are you serious? Do you not know how badly our family was after you 'died'? How our family suffered after your little play of death? You don't! Because you weren't there! Dad lost his job, taking care of mom! Mom went through hell! She cried for days. She couldn't get over her picture-perfect daughter dying."

I gave a watery smile. "You know what she told me the day after your 'funeral'? She looked me straight in my eyes and she told me. 'I wish it was you on that plane.' she said that with no regret. She hated me after that. She couldn't get over you dying. Hell, no one did." I took a step forward.

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