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Chapter 14: Flashback


Everyone froze at my loud shout. It was quiet for a second before someone picked me up, off the floor. "No! Let go of me! Stop!" I yell at the person who was dragging me, I try to make myself heavier.

"Stop! Ow!" The person squeezed my arm into a death grip. I could feel their nails starting to dig into my skin.

"Hey! Give me the girl Arnold!" Someone yelled from the stairs. It was Sofia. 'Arnold' looked down at me then back up at Sofia before pushing me back into the group of men.

Davis grabs me and walks me over to Sofia with my hands behind my back as if I was a prisoner being walked to a cell.

He shoved me towards her, not caring that I was still a couple of feet away, catching her and myself off guard.

I didn't have enough time to put my arms in front of myself to soften the impact, making me slam into the floor headfirst.

"Shit!" I hear before everything goes black.


"Angie! Look I got us matching dresses!" Sof squealed. She showed me two matching dresses one was black and one was white.

"They're amazing! Are they for the party?" I grabbed the white one carefully trying not to somehow ruin it, as I looked at it.

"Duh. Can you believe were turning 16 today!?" She squealed.

"I know I'm so excited! Is Mike coming?" Mike was Sof's boyfriend. They've been dating for a year now. He is pretty cool, sweet and always nice to her. He obviously loved her.

Her smile dropped but she quickly forced it back on. "Um no. He couldn't get a flight back." Her smiled turned more natural, into a real one. "But I'm seeing him tomorrow."

"Is he coming tomorrow?"

"Nope." I gave her a confused look.

"Then how are you going to see him?" I placed the dress carefully on my bed, then turned to her.

She grinned and came close to me wrapping an arm around me as she whispered, "It's a secret."

I threw a confused glance at her as she backed away, giving me a wink.

Before I could continue to question her our mom called for us.

"Sofia Monroe! Angelica Monroe! Get down here!" We turned to look at each other, we both had on wide grins. "Now!"

"You think she opened it?" I asked trying to quiet my giggles.

"Yes, I do." She laughs out loud, she was probably imagining what the whole scene looked like. I laughed too.

We quiet down as we hear our mother's footsteps coming towards our room. She marched in, seconds later, covered in flour from head to toe.

"Hey mommy." We say sweetly, giving her bright, innocent smiles.

"You are so lucky it's your birthday." She glared at us before breaking out into a grin. "Come give mama a hug." She threw her arms wide open.

We shook our heads and started to squeal as she chased us into the kitchen. We ran in but stopped in our tracks seeing the mess on the floor and counters. There was flour everywhere.

I glanced at Sofia before turning to mom who had a grin on. "You girls are going to pick this up," She motioned towards the mess, "while I take a shower. Better hurry up before your father gets here and cancels the whole party." She laughs, turning around walking towards her room.

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