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Chapter 9: Tutor

It was Monday again.

I hated Mondays. Everyone hates Mondays.

Monday was like, a parent crashing an amazing party. You can't stop them, but you hate that they shut it down. Upset that you now had to go home and deal with reality. It makes you dislike them in a way. Not because they did anything wrong but because they were the reason for the party being over.

I sighed as I grabbed my Math book from my locker and started heading towards class. I sat in my regular seat by the window, as I waited for kids to start piling in. Slowly the class got filled with my classmates.

The last person ran in as the bell rang slipping into his seat as Mr. Freemen walked in behind him.

Mr. Freemen was a laid back teacher. He didn't care what you did in class as long as you were quiet and in your seat.

"Alright class I'm going to pass back the test you took last Thursday. You may talk quietly for now." Instantly everyone started talking and I dipped my head down starting to draw on the edge of my notebook. As I waited for my test I listened into some conversations. They all seemed to be talking about the same thing.

I heard Cole got into a fight yesterday.

Did you see Cole this morning? He had a black eye and busted lip!

Didn't you see? All three were pretty beaten up.

I stopped drawing as I stared at my paper in confusion. They were with me yesterday. How could that have happened? They left pretty late; wouldn't they have just gone home afterwards?

So many questions starting piling in my head as I tried to somehow come up with an answer to them.

I was suddenly brought out of thought as my test was put on my desk in front of me. I groaned as I saw the grade. At the top of my paper, in red ink, was a big fat 'F' and a sticky note on top.

Meet me after class.

After he finished passing the rest of the tests back he went to the front of the class. "Okay class quiet down. Now take out your notes." There was shuffling of papers as everyone grabbed their notebooks.

After everyone quieted down he started with his lesson. "Now.." I tuned him out after that one word and started doodling in my notebook again.

After the bell rang everyone hurried out of class wanting to go home. I stayed behind taking my time packing my things until everyone was gone. I walked up to Mr. Freemen's desk once the classroom was empty and smiled.

He looked up at me through his thick glasses. "Miss. Monroe. As you know your grade in this class is..." he trailed off as he tried to find the right words. "Not the best" He finished. I nodded and he continued.

"Therefore I have assigned you a tutor. He's one of my best students." He beamed proudly.

Suddenly Cole waltzes in looking badass as usual. His hands casually in the pockets of his jeans. His signature leather jacket over a navy blue T-shirt and dark jeans.

I rolled my eyes. Doesn't he ever wear anything different? What's with the leather jacket? It's so hot out. How does he survive? Is there an ice pack in there?

I was brought out of thought by Mr. Freemen, "Speak of the devil."

"Hey Brady." Cole nodded at him as if Mr. Freemen was an old friend. 'Brady' turned slightly red at the sound of his first name.

"Mr. Banks." He greeted back, without correcting him.


"Is this the girl?" Cole asked as he looked me up and down, as if he was barley meeting me. I raised my eyebrow. Mr. Freemen nodded.

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