Ice cream

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Chapter 11: Ice Cream

It was Thursday and I was sitting at the table all the way at the back of the library; it was in the section most people never went into. Cole had picked this table, specifically to tutor me, saying there would be less distractions, so I could focus more. I knew the truth though. He didn't want to be seen tutoring me, but I didn't care, I didn't want to be seen getting tutored by him.

"Boo." I jumped up in my seat as Cole backed away from me, barely missing getting hit. I turned around towards him.

"I could've killed you." I glared. He chuckled, going around the table to sit across from me.

"How? With those noodles you call arms? Doubtful." I gasped, offended by his insult.

"That is so rude. I'll have you know, I can throw a mean punch." I leaned back in my chair with a smirk, feeling confident that I did, in fact, know how to throw a good punch.

My grandpa had taught me. He said a girl should always know how to defend herself or at least know how to throw a few good hits. He use to train me in kickboxing every time I went to visit but told me to keep it a secret from my parents. I of course did. He's taught me plenty of things.

He didn't teach me to swim though, he didn't think it was his job to do that. Now that I thought about it though most things he did teach me weren't things I would do on a normal basis unless I planned to be a criminal of some kind. He was weird in a way. I think he might've ran a mafia in his past life.

He raised an eyebrow. "Is that so?" I nodded proudly. He leaned forward in his chair as if to challenge me. "How bout' this. I'll let you punch me and if I think it even slightly hurts, I take you out for ice cream after our session."

I grinned but shook my head leaning forward like he was. "No, no. I don't want to hurt you." I patted his cheek to mess with him. "Don't want to ruin that pretty face. Your girlfriend would kill me."

I let my hand fall as he gave me a puzzled look. "What girlfriend?" He let the word girlfriend roll off his tongue in distaste as if he hated just the idea of one.

"Britney." I stated leaning back in my chair, annoyance was clear in my voice.

He chuckled as he looked at me. "Are you jealous angel?"

I scoffed. "Please, of what?" He smirked as he stared at me. He knew I was lying. That's why he was staring. He didn't say a single word. He kept his eyes on me, trying to get something out of me. A reaction.

I stood up trying to move from his gaze but that only made his smirk widen. He knew he was making me fidgety. I needed to do something so he wouldn't think he had something on me. Somehow turn this situation around so I could be the one smirking happily.

I slowly walked around the table and stopped right next to him. He had turned around to face me. I smiled and sat on the table, right next to him. "I mean she clearly thinks you guys are a thing." I started not knowing where I was going. "She made it clear that you guys were a thing. Is that not true?"

He looked at me questioning my sudden confidence.

Me too Cole, me too. "Not even a little." He answered.

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