Playing Doctor

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Chapter 17: Playing Doctor

"You're going to have to take the bullet out and stitch it up. They're not going to get here on time."

I stared at him wide-eyed as if he were crazy. He was crazy. I can't do this I'm not a doctor.

I started shaking my head, pushing the kit away from me. "No. No. No. I'm not a doctor. I will literally kill you." I slowly slipping off the trunk. "Let's just go to the hospital." I begged as I looked at his arm that was dripping blood.

"They'll ask too many questions. Now if you don't do it right now I'll die for sure." He stopped me from getting completely off the trunk.

"But, but, but." I didn't know what to do. I don't want him to die but I don't want to take a bullet out of him and stitch him up. He's probably overreacting. I mean who dies from being shot in the arm? I wouldn't know, but I'm sure not many people.

"Fine if you want to leave me to die, go ahead, leave." He backed up, giving me space to get off.

"Fine." I jumped off of the trunk.

"Fine." He watched me, holding onto his arm. It looked to be getting worse by the second and he, himself wasn't looking too good either.

"Your still here." A smirk grew on his lips.

I glared at him. I just wanted to slap that smirk clean off. "You're so lucky that I'm a good person."

And I like you...

I sat back on the trunk and he moved forward as he had been before. "First things first." I take a deep breath to be dramatic. "Do you have alcohol? Painkillers? A stick? Anything that will get you to feel less pain? Because I'm sure this will hurt like hell."

He looked up at the sky for a second, thinking to himself before slightly nodding. He moved away from me and walked to the back seat of his car. I heard him shuffle through some things and see him come back in seconds.

In his hand, he held a flask. He shook it around a bit and grinned as he heard the liquid inside move. "Cheers." He lifted it up at me before opening it and chugging whatever was inside. Afterwards, he shook his head. "Yea." He coughed placing the flask next to me.

"What was in there?"

"Absinthe." He responded grinning happily. My mouth drops open.

He's kidding.

There was a fair amount in that flask and he chugged it. All of it.

"C'mon get to it." He tapped my leg getting me to focus on what I had to do now.

"Right." I mumbled opening the first aid kit. I grabbed the mini bottle of alcohol it had inside and I smiled at it for a second before taking out a wipe, some string, and a needle.

"Why did you smile at it like that."

I looked up at him to see him watching me. "Oh. It's just," I looked down at the bottle again feeling myself blush. "It's really small, I never knew it came in a small bottle like this." I mumbled out shyly keeping my eyes on the bottle knowing full well he would be judging me right now.

He mumbled something out that I didn't quite catch but I didn't mind. I continued looking through the kit, trying to find the tweezers but had no luck.

"You don't have the pinchy thing?" I pinched my fingers together to show him what I meant. I looked up at him, waiting for a response.

"A 'pinchy thing'?" He raised an eyebrow, repeating what I had said slowly. I nodded.

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