Death ride

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Chapter 16: Death ride

"Someone's following us, and let's just say they aren't the friendliest of people."

I looked at him with wide eyes. What the hell is he talking about?! He's gone crazy.

He kept glancing towards his mirrors looking at something behind us. I turn to try and see what he was talking about but it was difficult with him swerving all around the street. I finally zero in on an SUV that seemed to be going at the same speed we were, dodging all the other cars to try and stay with us.

"How do you know who's in it? The windows are tinted. And there are a thousand SUVs in the world." I bit my lip nervously as he sped up.

"Because I just know." He shot me a glare. "Hold on." He gave me a warning a second too late as he took a sharp right around a building, crashing straight into a shopping cart. Although that didn't stop him from continuing down the street at the same high speed he was before.

I gasped as I looked behind us to see the cart on its side and the grocery that was previously in it spread all over the street. The women stared in horror at our car and then at the mess. A man who had seen this walked into the street and tried to grab whatever was still good for the women.

If that wasn't bad enough seconds later the black SUV made the same right turn we had at the same speed running over all the grocery's that were still left on the floor, not caring that they had nearly ran over a person.

The man stumbled back in surprise and fell to the floor dropping everything he had picked up. I stared at the sight with wide eyes. "Cole!"

I turned back to the front moving my attention back to Cole, getting ready to start telling him how bad that was but was cut off with him yelling, "Shit!" He swerved barely missing a red Jeep that honked at us.

"We need to get out of the city." He muttered under his breath, straitening up.

"What?" He did not just say what I think he did.

"I said we need to get out of the city." He repeated louder for me to hear.

"No! I'm not leaving the city!" I yelled out. I couldn't leave the city. Not with Cole and especially not with bad people chasing us down.

"To bad angel. You asked for a ride, now you're getting one." I shook my head.

"No. No, I asked for a ride home not a ride to my death." He shrugged carelessly as he turned left.

"Shouldn't have asked me for a ride." He simply replied as he looked behind us through the mirror.

I had to get out of here.

"Let me out!" I cried out as I tried opening the door but didn't succeed. It was locked.

"Not a chance." Was his response as I tried again and again even though I knew it was impossible since it was locked.

Finally coming to my senses I start to look for the lock but I don't find it.

I groaned and turned to him. "Where the heck is your lock?" He glanced at me and a grin took over.

"Jason broke it. The only way it unlocks is if I pressed this button." He put his finger on a button that had the lock opened on it.

"But I'm not going to." He slipped his finger away from the button and kept driving, glancing at me again with a smirk. I glared at him, hoping he'd catch on fire somehow. He winked and my glare hardened which made his smirk widened in amusement.

"I dislike you. So much." I say as I inched closer to him to try and get to the button.

"Now, we both know that's a lie." He glanced at me.

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