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Chapter 4: Rambling

"Angelica!" Rachel yelled from across the hall.

It was now Monday morning and this is the first I've talked to Rachel. I had stayed locked up in my house the whole weekend, not wanting to deal with the outside world. I knew I was going to get hell for it, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

"Yea?" I shut my locker and turned to her with my books in hand, trying to look as innocent as I could.

"One word." She held up her index finger. "Cole." She put her hands on her hips and glared at me, waiting for an explanation.

"What about him?" She rolled her eyes and folded her hands.

"What about him." She mocked me. "Friday! What happened? One second your on a rant the next your walking out of the lunch room with Cole and then aren't seen or heard of until now. Explain yourself."

"I go days without talking to you guys all the time. You know I don't like to use my phone that much unless it's to watch Netflix." I start making my way to first period ignoring the real question she asked.

Ignoring Rachel and Andrew all weekend was tough, at one point they showed up at my house. My dad sent them off seeing as it was 10pm and I had told him I needed a weekend in. Cole and his friends haven't bothered me and I was happy with that.

Life's back to normal and I'm fine with it.

Although I do have some questions.

Whose Peter?
Whose planning what?

I shouldn't care but I was incredibly curious to know the answer to all of these. To have heard the whole conversation. Stupid sneeze.

I sat on my desk and Rachel sat on the desk besides me. "I know you do that from time to time, but this happened because of Cole. We had plans this weekend! You never cancel. What's going on? Is there something between you two? Are you friends? Dating? Tell me." She begging for answers.

I sighed. "Nothing. I just met him. All I know is he's built like a wall. " Rachel gave me a confused look.

"Don't ask." I slip into the seat turning to the front of the class as Mr.Smith walked in. I quickly turned to Rachel. "Where's Andrew?"

She shrugs and pulls out her phone.

I turned back around and Mr.Smith starts his lesson. "Okay, put everything away. Pop quiz." Everyone groaned as they put there things away.


After class, Rachel and I went our separate ways to our second period.

°~°~°~°~°~° LUNCH °~°~°~°~°~°

"Please Anne." Rachel begged for the tenth time.

"No. Go get it yourself." I grumbled biting into my sandwich.

It was our lunch break and I was trying to eat my ham sandwich in peace, but Rachel, wants me to get her lunch money in her locker to pay for her food.

Usually Andrew would go, caving in on the second 'please' but he wasn't here.

"Come on! I can even tell you a faster way of getting there. A short cut! Please." She tried once more.

"No! You go. It's your money. Plus it's all the way across campus. I'd rather not." I finish off my sandwich and crumbled up the paper that was wrapped around it.

"But your already done! My legs hurt. My stomach hurts. I'm in pain. Cramps, Anne, cramps. You know how this feels. Please!" She gave me her puppy dog eyes that she knew I couldn't say no to.

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