Kiss and Punch

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~ Chapter 8 ~

Chloe's POV

I woke up with a pain in my neck, looking around I realised I fell asleep while sitting on my bed last night. Stretching, I feel all my muscles pull and a few clicks. I get up and walk pretty much like a zombie to my bathroom, I started running the bath and added my vanilla crystals. While it's running I go to my room and get my clothes. I walk back into my bathroom and lock the door, seeing that my bath is nearly done I take my clothes off and put them in my laundry basket. I step into the water and let out a gentle sigh as my body starts to relax. 15 minutes later I step out the bath, wrapping a towel around me I look into the mirror. Great I walk like a zombie and now I look like one too. I had light purple coloured bags under my eyes and my face was really pale. I took out my makeup and applied a darker skin tone foundation, it didn't cover it up but it looked better. I added mascara and some cherry flavoured lip-gloss.

Putting on my black leggings, plain white long sleeved top and my black hoodie that says my name at the back. I shove my hair into a messy bun and brush my teeth. I look in the mirror, at least I look sort of better. With that thought I walked down the stairs and into my living room. I didn't feel hungry so I just left breakfast. Sitting down on the couch I jumped as someone kissed my forehead, opening my eyes I saw Sam sitting by me. I sighed and leaned my head onto his shoulder.

"Morning Chlo, feel any better?" I looked up at him.

"Y-yeah." I whispered. My voice was still a bit scratchy due to not speaking or that mate thing. I could see him smiling in the corner of my eye.

"Chloe what colour is your wolf? I've only just noticed that you haven't let anyone see her." My breath got caught in my throat. Oh no. I've never let anyone see my wolf because it's special not to boast about it or anything, I'm a pure white wolf with light blue eyes. I try not to get angry as other wolves eyes turn black, however mine turn a light blue instead. Should I tell them? I've only been connected with my wolf for 2 months so far and I'm still trying to control my powers.

"Chloe?" I snap out of it when I see him clicking his fingers in front of my face. I clear my throat and look back at him. They could help me learn how to use my powers cant they?

"Guys, get Chloe some water!" I watched as Harry quickly came back with some water. I took it of him and drank it. I put it on the table and gave him a small smile.

"Thanks," He stuck his tongue out in response making my smile wider.

"Can you bring everyone here? Including mum and dad? I know they're still sleeping but this is important." I whisper. He kisses my cheek and walks out the room. I snuggle back into my brother and close my eyes.

"Sweet pea, what's up?" My dad asks in a sleepy voice while sitting on his chair.

"Guys, I... I need to tell you something regarding my wolf." I watch and see how they all sit up and look at me with a mixture of emotions.

"Go on," My dad urged.

"My wolf is a white wolf, pure white no other colour. Her eyes are light blue. She is so beautiful." I watched as all their faces are awe and proud struck. My mum starts crying and puts her hand over her mouth.

"Baby, why didn't you tell us?" My mum asked while stroking my cheek.

"I researched about it, and I saw how important they are. I just didn't want all the attention. But the reason I decided now was the best time, wasn't just because Sam mentioned it. I-it was also because I need to learn how to control my powers. I was so angry yesterday when I went for a run that I nearly ripped the tree out of the ground. I j-just need to learn how to use it. C-can you help me?" I ask nervously.

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