What Really Happened

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~ Chapter 24 ~

Trey's POV

Hell. That's how these two weeks without her have been, complete and utter hell. So far we have found out that half of their pack will be going away for the week to fight another pack up in the east. We are going to attack then and hopefully kill most of them. I sighed; I hate that pack so much. That's all they ever do fight and make people's lives a misery.

What if the old Alpha is still there? I froze at the thought, he would kill her without a second thought. I never meant to kill his sister, but how the hell did I know she could shape shift into different people? So I guess you can see where this is going? Well she shape shifted into Derek a.k.a Alpha Greenscreak and I was there thinking I was fighting him when I was actually fighting her, well after I killed 'him' was when she shifted back to her normal self and was also when Derek entered the clearing. I guess this was his stupid act of revenge however because of this I'll make sure he meets his sister soon enough.

"Trey? Trey? Oi!" I blinked a few times and looked at my dad.

"Y-yeah?" I asked. He smiled at me which caused me to frown. Why is he smiling?

"Son, they're going tomorrow, plus there taking their best fighters with them so it would be a piece of cake to get her back." He said softly that smile still lingering on his face. It took me a few seconds to process and a big grin spread onto mine. I probably looked like the joker right now but shit my angels coming home.

"Really?" I gasped. I was too happy to form sentences right now.

"Yeah son, she'll be back in no time." He stated. I smiled at him and he returned one of his own. He turned and walked out the door. When he was gone I fist pumped the air and smiled.

Oh yes, she's coming back.


Chloe's POV

I took a hold of my knees and pulled then to my chest. I could feel the pain and fear around me. My arm had finally healed but not without leaving a scar, that will forever be with me. I sighed and took a hold of my now marked arm. I could still see it all happening, the way he pierced my skin then squeezed the blood out. I let out a silent sob as I felt the pain in my mind, the way I pleaded for him to stop but he never did.

"Why? Why me?" I muttered to no-one in particular. Why did Trey kill his sister? Why did 'Trevor' want me dead? Oh I already knew that revenge, dirty, disgusting revenge a mess that I had been brought into without any acknowledgment, I had to find out the hard way. Closing my eyes I rested my forehead against my knees.

"Stand." The same gruff voice commanded. Crystal growled, she hated the way people talked to her here. If this was going her way they wouldn't even be still standing. I bet you're probably thinking, let it go her way then. Well it isn't all that simple else I would have done it already, anyway they injected me with something which stopped me from turning into my wolf. It also slowed down the healing process and weakened my strength.

I got up and glared at the wall opposite me and I tried not to show how much pain their beatings had done to me as I walked towards him. I followed him silently as he walked down halls of prisoners and a few doors. I swallowed as we stopped at a door. My palms started sweating as my mind ran through the things that could be in that room and what could happen. I froze as my mind went back to when I had walked into a familiar door before, how pimple face had tied me to an electric chair. I shuddered and hesitantly followed him in.

"Sit." He told me, as if I was a dog. I gritted my teeth and I looked around; the room had a table, a few chairs, a three seater couch, laptop and a bookshelf which held about three books. I frowned, why would they have such a big bookshelf for three books? I shuck my head, they really are weird. I sat down on the sofa and focused on my hands which were on my lap, I didn't have to look up when I noticed he had walked into the room. I hadn't needed to; I could feel the fear bubbling up inside me. Somehow I managed to control it as I didn't want to see the satisfaction on his face, once he caught the scent of my fear.

"Hmmm..." He trailed off as he sat next to me, too close may I add. I swallowed down the sick that wanted to come up, as his finger trailed down the side of my neck and lingered where my mate would mark me. What's with everyone touching that spot?

"I'm going to be out of town for a bit..." He trailed off once again. I frowned confused as to why he was telling me this. He has been acting as though I was his girlfriend and that he hadn't been beating me nearly every day. I shuddered at the thought of ever being his girlfriend. I cleared my throat not knowing what to say.

"I'm going to fight a different pack." He told me. Again I frowned in confusion. What is with this guy?

"O-ok." I murmured. He growled at me. Oh so he didn't want me to speak?

"Stop mumbling, speak up!" He stated harshly. I bit my lip, wondering whether I should repeat myself or to stay quite.

"Ok," I spoke clearly this time. He trailed his hands down my arm, to my thigh. I watched as his hand lingered there, which set an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

"When I get back I have something in store for you." He stated then chuckled after. I clenched my jaw as the feeling in my stomach went crazier.

"What's that?" I asked cursing myself internely for sounding so weak. He chuckled one of his evil laughs this time.

"Ah what's the point in telling you if it's a surprise?" He asked and slapped his hand painfully on my thigh. I winced as the stinging erupted under his hand. I don't remember him saying it was a surprise.

"Plus you're going to love it... and I know I am to." He carried on more than likely talking to himself.

My eyes narrowed on the chair opposite me. What did he mean by that? All I knew was that whatever this surprise was going to be will also be a surprise for him to. I sighed in frustration, why can't anything go my way? I jumped a little at the sound of his phone ringing. He nodded over to pimple face who was still in the room. He came over to me and jerked me up with his rough hand. I sighed as I noticed we were going back to my cell. I barely noticed he had already thrown me in and locked it as all I could think about was what that surprise could be.

It won't be bad, right?



- Shenadex

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