Welcome Big Mouth!

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~ Chapter 6 ~

Chloe's POV

The journey home was quiet except for Sam and James. James was still telling him he didn't have a thing for furniture, but I really don't think Sam's going to let this one slide anytime soon. I noticed Harry looking out the window; it seems like he's thinking hard. I nudged him, wanting to know what's wrong. He quickly snaps his head round and blinks a few times.

"Yeah?" He says in a lazy voice. I smile at him.

"What's up little guy?" He sighs and looks back out the window then at me.

"Just thinking," I nod at him, silently telling him to carry on as I knew there was more to it.

"What about? Your pretty little heads going to blow up, if you think any harder." I say in a teasing voice making him chuckle.

"Can I talk to you when we're not with the guys? I... I just need to tell you something." I nod and pinch his cheeks he's so cute when he's nervous.

"Yeah, sure munchkin." He smiles at me and pats my hands away.

"Thanks ugly." I pout and put my hand over my heart.

"You've hurt my feelings." I said and fake sobbed. He laughed and shook his head. We turned into our driveway, as soon as we stopped I jumped out the car, caught Harry's hand and pulled him along with me. The guys all looked at us with weird expressions I just shrugged them off and ran up the stairs not bothering to say hi to my parents. Once I got to my room I pulled Harry in and shut the door. I sat on my chair and looked at him. He cleared his throat and looked around nervously.

"What's up then?" He looked at me and ran a hand through his head. Is it me or do boys do that whenever they're nervous?

"I-I think I found my... mate?" I stood up quickly and ran up to him giving him a big hug. Ahh my baby brother found his mate! He laughed, I let go of him and sat on the bed next to him.

"OMG!" I screamed and tackled him again. He started chocking I let go of him quickly and smiled sheepishly.

"So what's she like then? How do you know she's your mate? Have you spoken to her? Oh my god does she now she's your mate? Is she-"

"Slow down! God you ask so many questions." He chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck.

"She doesn't know yet. I was going to go up to her but..." He started to blush. Arwww he was shy! Bless him.

"Bless you Baby b! But you mister better grow a pair and go up too her tomorrow or I will personally drag you to her from your ear. Now you wouldn't want me to embarrass you in front of her would you?" He gulped and nodded.

"Y-yeah I w-will go to her." He nodded at the door.

"I-I... have homework... yeah homework to do. I will talk to you later?" Before I could answer he was already out the door. I sat on the bed what did I do? I huffed and sat up. Well at least that threat got to him. I ran down the stairs and hugged mum and dad.

"Hey sweetie, how was school anything interesting happened?" I nodded at my mum.

"Yeah actually I found my mate." My dad started chocking on his coffee while my mum wore a massive grin but it disappeared once she noticed I weren't smiling back. She ran over to my dad and patted his back. He grunted and took a deep breath, then looked at me a little sheepishly. I smirked at him; he's such a kid sometimes.

"Sweetheart is there something wrong?" I nod my head without making eye contact. I hear my dad sigh and some chairs moving round. I look up and my dad and mum gesture for me to sit down.

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