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***WARNING- This chapter contains R rated scenes. If you're not into that stuff I will write when it starts and finishes.***

~ Chapter 31 ~

Chloe's POV

I'm really going to do this, my heart jumped violently inside of me. I can do this; I breathed in a ragged breath and let it out slowly. Trey opened my door and pushed me up the wall and attacked me once again with those lush lips of his. I moaned around his mouth as his hands went under my top. God it's so hot in here! He pulled back but his lips ever left me. I closed my eyes and lent back resting my head against the wall.

"Chloe." He murmured, I groaned at the sound of his voice. Oh sweet Jesus I swear I nearly melted in a puddle at his feet. As if knowing this he wrapped his right arm around me to keep me on my feet. I melted into his body and felt his chest vibrate. Would it sound wrong if I said that it turned me on? Nope, naughty Chloe! Stop thinking these perverted faults, even though you're about to have sex- no wait love, make love, that's what we're going to do.

"God! Trey take it off, it's fine." I told him huskily. My own voice shocked me but I was too far into this to think about that right now. God I make it sound like I'm playing my favourite video game, if so I will definitely be winning every single time if he was my game. I gasped at my thoughts wow who would have known I was not so innocent? Trey thinking he made this gasp carried on his torture on my neck, now that I stop thinking so much this feels really good. Trey pulled off my top ripping it on its way, ok that was hot!

"Fuck that was so, hot." I said breathlessly. He chuckled and nibbled on my neck. I gasped when he moved my bra to the side and kissed around my nipple. I was desperate to cover myself up but I knew that I didn't need to cover myself from him. I moaned and arched into him as he took my nipple into his mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair and tugged on it lightly causing him to moan. I pushed on his chest and fell down him as he backed away a bit. I looked at him seductively fisted the front of his shirt in my hands and riped it in half. I looked up at him under my eyelashes and saw his eyes shining that bright blue.

"Trey..." I whispered my voice lased with lust. I trailed my hands down his chest. I bent down a little and sucked on the edge of one of his abs. I felt him body tense under my touch and I let out a quiet moan; he tasted so good. He pulled me up gently by my hair and led my face to his neck. I smiled and kissed up from the crook of his neck until I reached his ear lobe. I tugged on it gently with my teeth, then brought it into my mouth and sucked on it a little. He groaned and trailed his hands down my sides. In one tug he ripped my jeans off. I gasped against his neck which made him shiver as my warm breath washed over his neck. I could feel his shaft hard against my stomach making me even wetter then I originally was.


The scent of my hormones ran through the room and heard a low husky growl come from Trey. I looked into his blazing eyes and without noticing my hand had already unbuttoned his jeans and lowered his boxers until they were both dangerously low on his hips. He took my hand and leaded it too his 'big friend'. I was looking at his chest as my hand trembled once he guided it to his shaft. I gulped as I felt how thick he was. I slowly looked down at him. I swallowed audibly at the size of him, geeez he's going to split me in half or something.

I faintly noticed Trey groan at my hand on his hardened shaft. I gained up some newly found confidence at they way his body responded to my touch. I licked my lips and slowly started stroking him. He groaned and leaned his head onto my shoulder kissing and nibbling. I added my other hand and pumped him faster which made his breathing speed up. I bit my lip as I lowered myself onto my knees. His hands gripped my hair at the thought of probably what im about to do.

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