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~ Chapter 21 ~

Chloe's POV

I can't believe I'm still in this place! I don't think it's right to be tied up in the same room for this long, plus I'm pretty sure I've lost the feeling to my wrists. Can't they tell I don't know anything? But no, they have to go all crazy ass on me. Why can't we just settle this like normal human beings? Which they obviously couldn't seeing as they're werewolves an all, and there's nothing normal about people being able to shift. I wonder what Trey's doing? Is he finding me? Or is he happy I'm no longer there? If it's the latter... his balls are definitely mine. I don't do empty threats.

"Are you going to speak now?" Macho man asked irritated. Oh and they haven't stopped asking me the same question. Are you going to speak now? Where is it? Plus the beatings are getting worse and they've been so generous to actually starve me. So I'm just casually standing here beaten, basically looking like a busted up ragdoll and my stomach is growling. I swear if I don't get any food soon, I will literally turn into the hulk. See if they will try touching me then. I could see myself stepping on then. Hulk-handling them, then flicking them. Don't judge, a girl can dream.

"I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE FUCKING DOGSHITTING GEM IS! FOR FUCKS SAKE!" I screamed at him. Ugh, I'm losing my patience with him. I'm going to turn green. I can feel it, anytime now.

- 30 mins later -

I groaned, so maybe it won't be happening anytime soon. Well that's another dream not happening. I want to be an astronaut. Can you see me as one? Just naturally floating around, actually i'll pass floating leads to sickness and sickness leads to death. Well that escalated quickly, I chuckled quietly to myself making him look at me.

I cleared my throat, "What's with this gem anyway?" I mumbled to macho man. He looked taken back by this question. I couldn't give to shits to be fair, I wanted to know why I was getting beaten for. Maybe someone stole my identity? That would be bad, very bad.

"Well..." He said hesitantly. "... The gem does a lot of things. That's why everyone's after it. It basically disguises the wearers scent. So they would be practically invisible if they where to walk onto your land. It gives them more strength and power enough for a normal omega to get an alpha to bow to them. But-" He stopped talking and looked at me. I stared at him wide eyed. That was one hell of a gem! It'll make an alpha bow to an omega, and the strength of an alpha is about 90% more then an omega so that's saying something.

"Wow." I murmured. He nodded slowly. So thinking a little, he did say everyone? Everyone as in? Everyone?

"Everyone?" I questioned. No longer thinking about why he stopped talking.

"All werewolves to ever walk this Earth are looking for it." he stated. I let out a shaky breath. Are they after me too? I'm going to die! I can see it happening. Me standing there jumping... off a sheep? Huh?

"Mother fu-" I was cut off as the door opened. I looked up and saw... umm he was new. Oh my god! It's the guy who I wanted to squeeze! The dude with the scar face who attacked me when I was walking home. Now think about it, I've been getting attacked a lot lately. I need to check my back to see if there's anything stuck to it. Just to be on the safe side, if you get me.

"You!" I screamed. He smirked and walked closer to me until he was a few inches away from my face.

"Didn't think I would be seeing you here." He said while chuckling making me curl my lips in disgust. He obviously knew, I mean he attacked me for crying out loud and to think I thought he was vulnerable.

I growled at him, "Cut the crap, shit licker." I snarled. He laughed at me.

"Shit licker?" I nodded angrily. He shook his head and looked at me smirking a little.

"I would be nicer if I were you." He growled. I frowned. Wow another bipolar ass. He slammed his hands on either side of my face making me flinch a little. The small action made his smirk grow, I watched as he bent his head down a little. He has defiantly bursed my personal bubble. His face was now in line with mine, which was quite frankly freaking the shit out of me.

"Um..." I murmured. Ugh shit drops! Ok I really need to get away from this guy. He's making me think of... shit to much.

"You know, you're actually really pretty." He murmered. I frowned once again confused as shit. See! The shit thinking.

"Can you move back?" I demanded. What? I have rights! He came even closer. His lips were barely brushing mine now. I started to grow nervous and moved my head back to get some space, which only resulted in him moving his forward as well. Great, just what I wanted, I thought sarcastically.

"What would you do if I kissed you right now?" He asked. I narrowed my eyes at him. A bit blunt don't you think? I sighed and looked at him. I didn't really have an option. Hello? Dude I'm tied up.

"Well-" I was cut off when he started chuckling to himself.

"There isn't anything you can do. You're tied up for fucks sake." He said. Wow dude you couldn't be any more wrong.

"Thanks for stating the obvious." I mock congratulated him. His chuckling died down at this. He smashed his lips to mine. I squirmed trying to get away but failing miserably. He pressed harder against me and bit my lip roughly. I shrieked in surprise which he took as his advantage to shove his tongue into my mouth. I gagged at the taste of him. He tasted wrong, I twisted my face up in disgust as he moved his head to my neck and kissed the place where my mate would bite me after we have done the 'nasty'.

"My mark would look nice here... hmm," He murmured against my skin. My whole body tensed at this.

"No," I whispered, closing my eyes tightly, wanting nothing more then to escape this place. He chuckled, one of those evil chuckles.

"Watch out..." He trailed off. He pecked my neck once more before walking out the room.

I blew out a breath I didn't even now I was holding and opened my eyes once I knew he was out the room. My whole body was still tense. What did he mean by 'Watch out'? Is he going to... mark me? Tears came to my eyes. Not the ones which you get when you're sad. No, these were full of anger. I started to tremble, I could feel my wolf desperately trying to get out. She wanted nothing more than to rip scare face to pieces. No he was no longer the kid who I wanted to squeeze, he was now on my bad side. I growled, still trembling as my anger took over, making it hard to control my feelings. All of a sudden a purple light exploded around me.

What the actual fuck?



- Shenadex

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