Mr. Birdy

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~ Chapter 44 ~

When my dad got back the amount of cursing and mess he made from destroying the living room was completely understandable. However when he had nothing left in sight to destroy he slumped down beside my mom, whispering sweet nothing to her as he tried to mend that small broken part inside her. I knew then that my mom didn’t have the life I thought she did as a young girl. I always thought it was just like mine, loving parents, with the best siblings ever and the only thing she had to worry about was being good so Santa would come on Christmas to give her everything her little heart desired.

I wish she didn’t have to hide everything from us… from my dad.

“Come on,” Trey told me quietly as he pulled me gently out the room. I wanted to stay and hug her, then proceed to tell her more of how she wasn’t what her so called mother said she was.

Sniffing I sighed and allowed Trey to wrap his arms around me. “I can’t believe she said all those things to her Trey.” I mumbled angrily.

He ran his hands up and down my back to calm me down. “I can’t either… how she became queen I’d have no idea.”

I rolled my lips into my mouth, contemplating for a second, “I’m not going to do it.” I stated.

“Do what?” He asked pulling back a little so he could look down at me.

“Queen, I’m not going to become Queen if something happens to that other girl.” I told him.

“Chloe-” I cut him off because I knew he was going to go against my judgement.

“No Trey! I’m not going to give that witch the satisfaction of getting what she wanted. I can’t do that to my mom, you heard what she said.” I said remembering my mom saying she wanted nothing to do with her. If I was to go ahead and become Queen I would be going against that. Plus I can’t even look after myself so how was I supposed to look after the whole werewolf society? I guess I had to give that witch some credit for being able to do it.  

“Chloe, you were born to do this it’s in your genes.” He told me as a frown covered his face.

“Trey I said I’m not doing it, can you just leave it be?” I huffed, pulling out of his embrace I ran upstairs to my room. Slamming the door I jumped face forward onto my bed.

Queen? Oh come on, I was never meant to be queen. I bet this is all a big misunderstanding in a few days Chanae will wake up and take the place as future Queen and this whole thing will blow over as if it never happened. Rolling onto my side I gazed out the window, watching a bird that kept flying in circles. Laughing quietly to myself I watched as its head turned my way as if it heard me. I quietened down immediately and looked away innocently. My mom after all did tell me laughing at people was rude, even though it was a bird but it’s the same thing right?

Humming quietly to myself, I abruptly sat up and tried to distract myself from looking over at the bird, for some reason I could still feels his eyes on the back of my head.  How did I get from wondering about becoming future queen to trying to avoid the deadly glare of a beady eyed bird?

Life is so weird sometimes.

Looking up at the ceiling of my room I walked over to the window, trying to control my eyes that desperately tried to flicker over to see where the bird had gone. Unfortunately for me my eyes won, looking out the window I screamed loudly.

“What?” Trey shouted as he came bursting into my room.

Pointing out the window, my eyes still wide, “T-the bird!” I cried.

Frowning he looked out the window, “Oh my god look at it fly!” He cried sarcastically. “I didn’t know it could do that!”

Rolling my eyes I looked back out the window, “It was right there, right in front of my freaking window! It scared the crap out of me Trey.” I told him looking up at the bird which was once again flying in circles. It kept glancing at my window almost mocking me.

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