Heartless Monkey's

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~ Chapter 19 ~

Chloe's POV

I groaned as I tried to move my stiff body. I opened my eyes and looked around. Where the hell am I? Groaning again I felt a hard material squeezing my wrist together, making me wince at the slight sting. I flinched when I tried to walk away from where I was standing; to find I was tied to something. Oh great! I'm freaking tied up in this tiny room waiting for the monsters to kill me. See this could totally be the right time to be a ninja... but I have totally failed as I don't have anything to get this thing off my wrist.

Why couldn't I be the incredible hulk right now? So I could explode into a green giant and walk out? I need to eat those sweet corns that turn you into one, I think they're called green giant? If you don't know what I'm going on about well then I feel sorry for you... I'm not crazy. Just different... understood? I'm not bipolar either just unique? Yeah that's the one, gosh I'm hungry!

"Oi! If you're not going to untie me, you might as well get me some food! You have terrible hospitality by the way!" I screamed at the metal thing which I think is a door? A metal door? who the hell has a metal door? Shaking my head I looked around for a window or something. This room really needs some air. Plus it smells bad, like a skunk farted and ran off. I don't know where too, unless it can go through walls. Awesome! I grinned and started singing a random tune.

"I'm feeling sexy and free

Like glitter's raining on me

You're like a shot of pure gold

I think I'm 'bout to explode

I can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air-"

I was cut off by the door opening and a girl my age entering.

"Now I'm breathing like I'm running cause you're taking me there

Don't you know, you spin me out of control" She continued.

I grinned and sang the rest of the song with her. When we finished we giggled like two giggles?

"That was fun." She said once she cooled down.

I nodded enthusiastically, "Yeah it was! I'm Chloe." I went to hand my hand out for her to shake but remembered that they were tied together.

"I'm Samantha, Sammy for short." I nodded. She had wild red hair and green eyes. Her hair was layered and frizzed up everywhere, almost as if she back combed it, but it looked naturally like that. It looked weird in a good way. Hmm I might try that.

"I would shake your hand but they're tied together... but don't worry I will when they aren't tied no more." I said smiling at her. She gasped and stared at me wide eyed.

"You're a prisoner?" She questioned. I raised both eyebrows and gasped.

"I AM?" I shrieked. I felt my heart stop... ok no it didn't really I was just saying. But wow imagine if it did, I would be like dead.

"Uh... I-I well yeah..." She trailed off. I stared at her wide eyed.

"This is so cool." I said to her now grinning. She gave me weird look.

"H-how?" She whispered confused and looked at me crazily.

"I've never been a prisoner before." She cocked an eyebrow.

"Yeah so?" She asked even more confused now.

"I like to try new things." I told her. Ok so I'm tied up. Do they come down and give me instructions now or something? How long will I be locked up for? I really need the toilet.

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