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~ Chapter 20 ~

Chloe's POV

Hmph. I've been in this place for days now... two, to be more precise. So far they've beat me like punch, kick, the whole kung fu panda shit. At this point I actually wouldn't be surprised if they bring in some major obese guy and get him to belly bounce me until I freaking die. Ouch, worst way to die... being flattened by a fat guy. I snorted at that thought.

"Are you going to talk now?" Trevor asks. I sighed. I don't know what the hell they're talking about. They keep saying I have some gem which they need and was apparently stolen from them by me! Seriously was I like a ninja or something in my past life? Because if I was that would be awesome! I sighed for probably the 1000th time.

"I would, if I knew what you were talking about. Seriously I don't know... so my answer will be the same, until you grow some much needed brain cells and then you might understand." I told him, then instantly regretted saying the last bit as he punched me again. I groaned and swallowed loudly as he hit the same place. He smirked at me making him look like a gremlin.

"Where is it?" He shouted. I winced. As my already pounding head -due to him slamming it of the wall- pounded even more.

"I don't know." I said through gritted teeth. He sighed and punched me in the head hard making it hit the wall behind me once again. I groaned when I heard the impact. He started laughing... laughing! What a sick, twisted, fugly monkey! I winced as I felt something sharp enter me. I looked down and saw that there were two injections one going in and well, one taking blood out. I watched as he took them both out looking at me. I turned my head to the side in disgust as he licked the spot where the injections once were. That's when I saw them, the star fishes... Patrick? I watched as the pink star fish looked at me.

"Hiiiiiii PATRICK!" I said in a weird way. I started to sway and giggle. Woooohooo! I laughed like a maniac as I looked at the star fish in front of me. Huh? When did it grow two heads?

I giggled at it, "Guess what?" I said to him quietly. I looked around in case anyone else was here.

"There's this guy called Trevor. He wants something from me but I no got it." I whined in a childish voice. "Anyway Trevor been bad! He hurt me, I will kill him Patrick." I said in a squeaky voice. I watched as Patrick frowned. I sighed as I could feel the dark coming to me. The last thing I saw was Patrick turning into Trevor.



Trey's POV

I smashed my fist onto the table. It's been 3 days since my angel went missing. No scent, nor trail. I sighed and gripped my hair tightly in my hands. Where the hell was she? I calmed down and tried using our link. It wasn't strong because I hadn't marked her as mine yet. I closed my eyes and imagined her. Her deep blue eyes, long black silky hair, her slightly tanned skin and her silky voice that could make any guys knees buckle. I growled at the thought of her being with another man. When I couldn't get through once again I nearly cried.

"Trey..." I looked up at my dad at the doorway. I nodded letting him know he could come in. He walked in and sat on the bed.

"Son, this is for you." He slowly dug out a letter and handed it over to me. I frowned as I could smell blood within it, opening it slowly there was a bag of blood and a note stuck to it. I snarled when I found out the blood belonged to my angel. I unattached the note and opened it.

'There's more of where that came from. Hand over the Gem otherwise she dies, or she might die with it. Don't make me wait long.' It read. Gem? What Gem? I looked over to my dad and handed him the note. I watched as he frowned and read over the note again and die with what? The note made no sense at all.

"Did some kid write this? Is this supposed to be some sort of threat?" He chuckled. "Seriously 'or she might die with it' who writes that and atleast have the decency to let it make sense." He shook his head chuckling. I would have joined in if that 'she' wasn't my mate and I didn't have some of her blood a few centimetres away from me. The thought made me growl. Has he hurt her? I started shaking as it crossed my mind.

"It's her blood dad." I growled. He stopped instantly and looked at the bag of blood and back at me with a clenched jaw.

"We'll find her son." He stated sternly, before walking to the door. He turned round and looked at me before walking out. I groaned and got up, I need a run so I could clear my head. I took my clothes of and put on some shorts, walking downstairs I saw my dad looking at a load of papers.

"I'm going for a run." He nodded not looking away from his papers.

"Trey, check around and see if you can catch her scent." I nodded but then remembered that he couldn't see me.

"Ok, I'll be back in a bit then." I turned around and walked into the woods. I sighed and changed into my wolf. He had blue eyes and black fur with a blue stripe on the side of his ear. I started picking up my speed as I ran. I could hear every living animals breathing and there heart beating. It was weird in a nice sort of way. I carried on running until I caught a smell that didn't belong to any of my pack. Growling I looked around.

'There's a scent up north that doesn't belong to any of the pack'. I mind linked my dad.

'I'll send Brad up to have a look'. I nodded through the mind link then shut it off. Brad was my dad's beta. His son Samuel will be taking over once he has found his mate, plus at the age of twenty four. You had to be a specific age to become beta or alpha. When I'm twenty six, it'll be my turn to take over the pack as I now have my mate to run it beside me as my Luna. I took a sharp corner as I heard something moving to my right. I squinted my eyes and saw a guy.

'Werewolf' My wolf told me. I growled and lunged at him. I didn't recognise his scent, plus he was running away. So he was obviously guilty about something. Pinning him down with my wolves weight I clamped my teeth around his kneck but not applying much pressure, he snarled trying to get away.

'Who are you?' I mind linked him. Due to me being future alpha I can mind link any werewolf in or outside the pack as long as they were on my territory. He snarled at me but didn't reply.

'I said who are you?' I boomed using my alpha tone. He sighed knowing he can't refuse an alpha command.

'Richard Lankinshire, werewolf... Greencreak Pack'. He answered. I shook my head in disgust. Why would someone from there pack be here? The Greencreak Pack was one of the most disgusting packs in the world. They beat and rape the girls from the age of thirteen until thirty when they are then killed, mates or not they don't care. They are known as one of the most powerful packs, due to them feasting on humans whereas most werewolves eat animals and normal human food.

I growled, 'What are you doing here?' He looked at me obviously trying his hardest to deny the alpha tone to my voice. His face scrunched up in frustration and his hands turned into tight fist. As if knowing he wasn't getting away anytime soon, he blew out a breath.

'To deliver a letter'. I frowned in confusion... letter? My eyes widened and my wolf wanted to kill this man. He knows where my mate is. He sent the letter which consists of my baby's blood. I growled at him. She was in that disgusting pack without me there to help her. Is she ok? Have they hurt her? Trey obviously they have, you received some of her blood for fuck sake! My eyes turned darker as I remembered her blood. She was there by herself. I snarled and slammed my head against his, making him unconscious.

'She's at the Greencreak Pack'. I mind linked my dad. I heard him gasp on the other end.

''How? Shit!' I heard him growl in disgust. He knew what goes on there. So do many other packs around the world. Nobody goes there by choice, it's always by force.

'One of their men was on out territory. I caught him and he told me he came to deliver a letter and that he belonged there' I told him.

'Bring him back to the pack house. I'll get someone to lock him up'. I nodded and closed the mind link. I smiled a little, one more step ahead to get her. There was only one way to get her back though.




- Shenadex

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