Black Spots and Answers

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~ Chapter 29 ~

Chloe's POV

Once we reached our packs territory I watched as everyone relaxed slightly. My eyes drifted back over to Samuel as he pulled my arm gently, swallowing lightly as my throat became dry. I frowned as my arm hissed with pain; I pulled it out his grasp and looked down at it. I clenched my jaw as I remembered the mark; my skin was pink and stretched over the cut as it was still healing. It looked disgusting, and if I wasn't interrupted I probably would have already thrown up.

"We need to go Chloe..." Samuel trailed of as he saw my arm. "What the hell happened?" He asked. I could hear the anger in his voice.

"Nothing, it should be gone by tomorrow." Hopefully, I added silently. He frowned at it and then looked up at me.

"It should have gone already; it looks like it's been there for at least a few days." He told me. I bit the inside of my cheek and looked down, not wanting to talk about it. I heard him sigh and as if knowing my thoughts he turned and started walking.

"We'll talk about it later when Trey's back." He said. I felt relief swallow me up at not having to talk about what happened. I froze... Trey.

"Wait! No, y-you can't tell Trey!" I yelled in disbelief. He stopped walking and turned towards me.

"He has a right to know Chloe." He retorted. I shook my head looking at him like he had just grown another eye.

"He will go crazy! Samuel, I don't want him to know about it!" I was losing it now. What is wrong with me? I blinked back the tears and frowned in confusion. Why do I feel like crying? I was never an emotional wreak before.

"Chloe, he will want to know what happened." I breathed out as I processed his words. I can tell him... I mean he is my mate. So why do I feel so threatened?

"I-I can't talk about it, no I don't want to talk about it!" My voice rose as I spoke. I saw him looking at me with concern. My heart rate spiked up at the thought of saying it all out loud. "I don't want... no I can't..." I trailed of and suddenly took great interest in one of the leaves on a tree. I blinked a few times and looked back at Samuel. He sighed and came up to my side.

"Let's just get back yeah?" I nodded and started to walk with him. I looked down and narrowed my eyes. Why am I so vulnerable when it comes to talking about what happened? Why can't I just say it? I opened and closed my mouth wanting to say something, but closed it when I failed to make any noise. I clenched my hands into fist and tried again. I scrunched up my face when I failed again. I felt my stomach tighten and my head started spinning. I swayed to the side but quickly stood straight before Sam saw. I blinked and tried to calm by breathing.

My breathing started getting faster, I groaned quietly as I saw black spots take over my vision. I looked around and tried to get rid of them, but they were everywhere. I swayed to my left more, but this time failed to correct myself. I faintly saw Sam turn around in alert for my aid. I heard his voice but couldn't see his face. My eyelids started to feel heavy as I fell to the ground. My whole body rippled in goose bumps as I shivered. I heard someone move to my side quickly as they picked me up. I faintly sensed Samuel's scent before I let the black spots take over.


April's POV

When we got back to the pack house I squealed and smiled like a cheese ball at the people who looked at me with a 'what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you' kind of look on their faces. I skipped over to a door with Anna in my arms and froze as I smelt a faint scent. I followed it as it smelt like Ashton.

As I walked it became clearer and stronger. I stopped in front of a house went through the back gate which was open. I went into the back yard not caring about my surroundings and opened the back door. The scent was stronger here as I entered the home, inhaling deeply I walked up the stairs. I made up to the fifth step before I heard a low growl, spinning around quickly and saw a lady with green eyes and black hair.

"What do you think you're doing?" She questioned. I swallowed lightly as I noticed her hair was the same as Ashtons.

"I-I...Ashton." I said as if that was the answer. I saw her face soften slightly at his name. A growl rippled in my throat but I quickly stopped it.

"What about him?" She asked.

"I'm h-his mate and well I smelt him, I-I thought he was here-" I rambled. I was cut off as she quickly hugged me. When I unfroze I gave her an awkward one armed hug as I was holding Anna, when she let go Anna gurgled and holded her arms out for the lady.

"W-who's this?" He voice cracked a little.

"Our daughter... Ashton's and mine." I quickly added not wanting her to think mine and hers. I frowned at that thought. Ew!

"Oh my god!" This time she started to cry. My heart sped up, I'm no good at comforting people I don't know.

"Uh... did I say something wrong?" I asked hesitantly.

She shook her head furiously, "No it's perfect. Everything's perfect I've always wanted a granddaughter." She told me making me freeze once again.

"G-granddaughter?" I mumbled looking at her. She let out a bark of laughter which made me jump as it was unexpected.

"I'm Ashton's mother, but please call me Rebecca." She insisted. I smiled and opened my arms extending Anna towards her. She took her eagerly and walked threw another door, I'm guessing the living room? I quickly followed her and I was right.

The room was so homey it felt unreal. I sat down on one of the chairs while Rebecca sat on the couch cooing at Anna. All of a sudden I had this urge to dance and as if my body had a mind of its own that's exactly what happened. I saw Rebecca look at me and then stared blankly almost like she was searching for an answer to why I was acting like this, well If she finds out she better tell me. A smile lighted up her face and she started laughing. The urge to dance slowly drifted and I quickly sat back down and covered my face with my hands. Nobody understands how embarrassed I am right now, I mean I just danced in front of my mate's mother for crying out loud.

"Oh sweetie, this is natural." She said. I slowly removed my hands and looked at her surprised. "The same thing happened to my sister after she was separated from her mate for a while. When he returned all the sadness she felt was replaced with happiness, but because the emotions was too much she ended up going a little crazy like you right now..." She trailed off. I kept my face straight and tried to not seem fazed that she just called me crazy "... don't worry though it goes after a few days once the emotions have caught up." She said smiling reassuringly. I forced a smile out.

A few days, I can live with that.



- Shenadex

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