Holy Sugar Cubes

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~ Chapter 18 ~

Chloe's POV


I groaned and got up at the sound of my alarm. I still hadn't come over the terms of why Ashton wasn't with his family for all those years was because of me. I feel so guilty. I rubbed my eyes and got up. I needed to make it up to him somehow... but how? What could I possibly do to help give him back his childhood? Or his teenage years? He's probably wasted his life looking after me without me even knowing. I sighed and took my clothes out. I got my grey joggers, my white vest top and my underwear. I ran a hand through my knotted hair and walked into my bathroom. I had a quick shower and put my clothes on. I put my hair in a messy bun and walked downstairs.

"Chloe?" I turned around and saw James and Sam. I sighed; if they're going to have a go at me for being with Trey then I'm going to explode into a dinosaur and eat them.

"Yeah?" I got a bowl and got out my favourite cereal. Cookies Chrisp! I could die a happy person after eating them. I sat down and started eating while looking at them.

"So... you and Trey?" I nodded and looked at the few cookies left floating in the bowl. How could they disappear so quickly? I'm sure I filled the bowl. "Are you two a thing or..." He trailed off. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before opening them.

"Yes we are James. Why?" He shook his head and looked at me.

"Just wondering. Plus anyway I don't know why you're with him... he's only going to hurt you again." With that he left the kitchen. I groaned loudly and ate the rest of my cookies angrily. Take that cookie!

"Yes you." I said while glaring at the cookie on my spoon. I jumped when I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up and saw Sam. My eyes widened. Shit I forgot he was still here. I smiled at him and carried on eating.

"Don't listen to him Chlo. He'll come round... and I'm glad you and Trey are together since you're like, mates an all." I nodded and smiled at him again.

"Yeah, thanks and I hope so. I hate seeing him mad at me for no reason." I looked back down and nearly cried when there were no more cookies.

"There's always a reason Chloe." He told me.

"Stop being so wise and learn the alphabet." I scowled. He gasped.

"FYI, I know the alphabet." He said in a gay voice. I chuckled and got up to put my dishes in the sink.

"I always thought you were gay Sam. Now you just need to come out the closet." I left the kitchen laughing at his shocked face.

"WATSON'S GET YOUR ASSES IN THE CAR!" Coby shouted. I grabbed a pen and walked out not bothering to bring a bag today. When we got to school I went over to Elle and the group.

"OMG, my jungle monkey's here!" Elle shouted before tackling me in a hug. I laughed and hugged her back.

"Hey C." The guys said. I waved and walked over to them. The group consist of 3 boys and Elle and now me.

Damon - Black hair, blue eyes. His hair is in the emo style kind of way. He's not an emo he just likes the hair style. Not that I mind, it suits him. He gets the stuff we need for the pranks.

Jack - Brown hair, brown eyes. Totally cute with his dimples and all. He distracts the victim if needed.

Zain - Blonde hair, green eyes. His eyes are fudging awesome! Plus he's Elle's mate. He sometimes gets the prank sorted if not he's getting the stuff with Damon.

Elle - Brown hair, grey eyes. Funniest person ever! Plus my bestie. Sorts out the pranks with me because we're the awesomest. Do you like my new word? I give you permission to use it. Yes be happy.

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