I'm So Sorry

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~ Chapter 33 ~

Chloe's POV

He looked down at the covers on the bed when he finished. My mouth was dry with guilt as I remembered how I accused him of lying.

"Oh my god," I said covering my mouth with my right hand.

"So, you believe me now." He muttered irritated. I shook my head in disbelief; did he really want to start an argument right now?

"What did you expect me to think Trey? I was told that you murdered someone! I obliviously needed a good reason to why you did it!" I yelled at him.

Clenching his jaw he looked up at me, "I didn't murder her it was an accident!" He shouted back. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

"I know sorry, it's just that I was told that you killed her and I didn't know what else to believe." I said softly wanted to ease the tension which had filled the room.

"I respect that but the thing which I don't is the fact that you didn't believe me, I'm your mate, why would I lie to you?" I bit my lip and looked at him pleadingly, wanting him to understand why I didn't.

"I told you I didn't know what to believe! So please don't turn this into an argument Trey." My voice quietened down as I finished.

"I'm not; if I could take it back don't you think I would have? Every day I have to walk around with the guilt of killing an innocent person. You don't know what that feels like Chloe, you don't understand that every time I look at my parents or pack members there's always this tiny bit of disgust and uneasiness in their eyes. I see that they try to hide it, but I can still see it. I have to act all happy and act as if everything is ok because one day they will understand that I thought it was another person, but until then I have to put on the mask were everything is fine and fake that I don't see that disgust in their eyes..." He trailed off. I stayed quiet as I knew he wanted to say something else that would break my heart.

"But you; my own mate. I would have thought at least you would understand and not judge me when I told you, but you were just like everyone else and that's the thing that I don't understand and the only way for you to believe me was to tell you what happened." He said in disbelief. I frowned at him why is he taken this to another level for?

"Trey what the hell are you talking about? Why are you taking this so deeply for? I understand that you're angry with me not believing you at first but can you see it from my point of view? They way I ONCE saw it was that you killed her as that was the guys sister who tried to kill me on several different occasions! I saw the way his face screwed up in so much hatred and disgust when he talked about you. I heard the amount of venom that laced within his voice when he did. You don't even know how much I thought that you wouldn't do such a thing when he told me what you did for him to do this to me." I said emphasizing the once. He stayed quiet so I continued.

"But then I started having second thoughts because the girl is dead and I was told you did it. So I started to believe it because I wanted an answer to why I was being treated this way! To why I was getting beaten and touched the way he did! To why he would go such a far length for revenge! He wanted me to hate you, every single day he would do this to me! Every day he would remind me of what you did to his sister until that was the only thing I could think about. I started having nightmares of the girl begging you to stop but you never did. They all ended the same way you tearing her to pieces like a piece of paper. So tell me how do you expect me to believe you straight away when all this happened to me?" I told him and wiped away the angry tears that fell.

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