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~ Chapter 40 ~

Chloe's POV

"LA LA LA!" I squealed out loud as I tried to match the note of the singer that was now playing on my iPod. I had gone for a morning run so since the streets were clear no-one could hear me singing right? Not that anyone would mind... people would pay good money to listen to this. I mean I could've become a singer, but I said no.

Calm down Chloe, don't want your head growing too big now do we?

I skipped along the path and did a few cartwheels before carrying out my jog. I never thought this stuff could actually wake you up in the morning. It was only 5am and I was still getting over the fact that I was awake and exercising, it was all too crazy.

"Or do you not think so far ahead, cuz I've been thinkin bout' forever!" I sang out loud as I turned the corner. I froze as I looked down the street and saw my house. I hadn't been there for nearly three weeks and looking at it now I wished nothing more but to be back there. Shaking my head I turned around and carried in my jog back to Trey's house. Checking the time it was nearly 6am, smiling a little I knew Trey would be awake now.

Opening the door, I hopped up the stairs to our bedroom. Yes, me and Trey did share the same bedroom. His parents didn't mind as we were already mated and it's only normal for mated couples to sleep together and I mean sleep. We weren't allowed to have any 'fun time' under the roof though. I didn't mind, his parents had been kind enough to let me stay at their place so it was only natural to respect their rules.

"Trey," I whispered. His alarm was going off beside him, how could he not hear that? I quickly turned it off before it woke anyone up.

"Trey, get up." I said poking his head. I laughed quietly as he groaned.

"Five more minutes..." He trailed off and he pulled me towards him. I squealed as I was sweaty from my morning run.

"Trey, c'mon," I mumbled. I looked at him as he opened his eyes and ran them over my face.

"You look beautiful boo." He told me. My cheeks flushed a dark red as those words escaped his mouth.

"Oh shh, we both know that's a lie." I said as he slowly got up, rubbing his eyes. I hadn't bothered brushing my hair before I went jogging and the fact that I'm all sweaty.

"It's true Chlo," He kissed my forehead and pulled me towards him.

"If you say so,"

"I do say so." He winked and gave me a final kiss on the forehead before going into the bathroom. I let out a breathy laugh and started looking for clothes to wear for school.


Picking up my books I headed to the front of the class. Plopping down in one of the empty seats I tried ignoring the laughs coming from Treys mouth. He has decided to get me in trouble with all my teachers today. I let out a long breath to calm myself down before I ended up punching the teacher. I bet she doesn't like me that's why she keeps picking on me. With that thought in mind I glared at her.

"See that wasn't so hard, was it?" My teacher said sarcastically. Yep, I had put up a minor argument as she had only moved me, when I weren't even talking as much as Trey and his friends. I only told Trey to stop poking me with my own pencil -which he stole by the way- as it was really, really annoying. I tried to ignore it but after fifteen minutes I couldn't stand it anymore.

"No, not at all," I said through clenched teeth. She frowned slightly but carried on teaching her oh so boring lesson. Turning my head slightly I gave Trey a death look; it didn't faze him much as he sent me an air kiss back. Rolling my eyes I turned back to the front before he could notice my smile.

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