The Prank (Part 2)

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~ Chapter 13 - Part 2 ~

Chloe's POV

I watched as Coby carried me too far, far away, you know like the one in Shrek. Yep that's the one; he's Shrek while I am the poor princess. I pulled on his ears imagining they were the pointed things that Shrek has. I heard him wince and I let go to revile a well, very humanly ear. I groaned way to ruin my happy moment!

"Ouch! What the hell Chloe?" He shrieked I slapped the back of his head. He's such a girl sometimes if it wasn't for some of his boyish comments he would surely pass as one.

"Stop shrieking you sound like a girl." I said back. I leaned my elbow onto his shoulder and put pressure on it. He shrieked again. So guess what? Yes I slapped him again.

"Yo! What's your problem?" He said in a pissed of voice. I rolled my eyes.

"Man up, you sound like a chicken on crack when you screech." I heard him groan and I chuckled. I watched how he puffed out his chest and started walking faster. Curse werewolf abilities to be strong and fast!

"I am all man my dear sister." He said in a very and I mean very weird voice. I laughed.

"Psshh ok whatever floats your boat." I said back. I started pinching his back and chuckled lowly whenever he flinched a little.

"Chloe, uh we don't have a boat." He said back. I groaned. He seriously is an idiot. I pinched his back harder and grinned when I heard him hiss out.

Mwahaha.... I should probably stop laughing like that.

"That was a saying, you dumbass." I muttered, knowing he would hear. Finally after what seemed like forever he put me down. I sighed with relief and stretched. Ah it's so nice I could run around like a cow does. One minute... can cows even run? Because they're really fat and all they do is poop and pollute the air. I sighed I seriously need a check up.

"Now, now, now. What should we do with you two?" I sighed dreamily. That list could go on forever. First he could give me a massage, and then he could get me 37567356 massive tubs of Ben n Jerry's cookie dough. Ah that is the life!

"Well first you could give me a massage your shoulder is seriously uncomfortable. Followed by letting me meet the one and only Simba! You know the one in the lion king, awe and he's so cute when he was a baby, oh my god do you remember when he said raw? Oh and then you can pay for my shopping spree because I seriously need some new chino's and shoes because as you can see they have been ripped, oh and as for the shoes well I have been wanting a new pair for ages. Anyway I would also like a-"

"Not that kind of thing. Gosh could you be any more stupid?" He cut me off. How rude! Like seriously it's so rude to cut people off while they're talking. I scowled at him, he smirked back. Stupid. Stupid? How am I stupid? Ok that's a rhetorical question so you're not supposed to answer it.

"I'm not stupid and anyway, what did you mean then?" He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. I looked at Harry and saw him laughing quietly to himself. I smirked at him. What's up with him and his random laughing fits? Oh well he looked funny anyway, with his red face and his grin that's so big I am surprised his face was still in one piece.

"Oh my god Chloe!" He yelled. I looked at him. What's crawled up his butt and died?

"Oh my god Coby!" I mocked his voice. Which was a total fail due to the fact both Harry and Coby's friend were laughing and clutching their bellies. Bellies? Where the hell did that come from? The last time I said that I tried doing one of those belly dancing things, and well the rest is history. Never and I mean never to be spoken about again.

I watched as he sighed and started pacing. I smirked and mocked him. He saw me and stopped. I did the same. Next thing you now he's doing some weird monkey dance. I just stare at him while he makes a fool of himself. I look over to see Harry and Coby's friend recording him. I look back at Coby to see he is banging his fist off his chest like King Kong. I made a mental note to get that video off Harry.

"Donkeykong." I muttered. A few minutes later he stopped and grinned. I shook my head I don't know why he's grinning like a mad man on cocaine. After all he was just dancing like a monkey who's been eating too many bananas. Talking about bananas and monkeys, do they even like them? I remember when I was at the zoo I gave this monkey a banana and well he nearly ate my hand.

"So, where were we?" I looked at him. He is officially high. He seriously wants us to tell him even though this was all his idea?

"Oh we were just going home." I said. I looked at Harry he was grinning again. What is with this guy? Does he have a hanger in his mouth or something?

"Oh ok le- no wait a minute!" I gulped and turned back round smiling sweetly. He grinned at me evilly.

"Nu-uh! Little sister." I watched as he came near to me. I looked around and noticed a path. We must have come that way. I backed away a little. I watched as he narrowed his eyes at my movement. I chuckled quietly to myself.

"Coby, don't come any closer." I said. He shook his head and carried on walking towards me. That's when I noticed he still had his make-up on and the writing on his forehead. I burst out laughing and pointed at his forehead.

"Gosh Coby, y-you need to... to take that off. I think I'm gonna pee myself!" I said between chuckles. He glared at me.

"I would if it wasn't done in Sharpie!" He cried out. I gulped. How did he now?

"H-how?" He smirked at me and opened his bag. He pulled out a plastic bag and in there was the one and only... Pink Sharpie! I cursed under my breath. How could I leave one of my weapons? I'm so irresponsible. What will they all think?

'Don't you think you're over exaggerating?' Crystal said.

'Now is not the time Crystal!' I mentally yelled back. Gosh she has some nerves. I'm in the middle of getting done for vandalism here! Vandalism as in Coby's face.

"You left it at my door. What do you have to say for yourself?" I gulped. I looked at Harry pleadingly, he shook his head and mouthed 'no freaking way am I taking the blame'. I groaned and looked back at Coby. I held my hands up in an 'I surrender' mode. I watched as satisfaction covered his face.

"I, Chloe Watson am guilty on the charge of vandalism on Coby Watson's face and nails." I said proudly and lifted my chin a little. I was proud of what I did. I hope my grandchildren will know how brave their grandmother was. He scowled and took off his gloves and let out an unmanly shriek at the sight of his nails. I couldn't help but smirk.

"I wish to press charges!" Coby yelled. I watched as his friend walked over to us with an amused grin. He cleared his throat and looked at both of us. He opened his mouth to speak but instead burst out laughing. We both scowled at him.

"S-sorry b-but y-you guys... oh god." He said between chuckles. I huffed. Seriously at a time like this he thinks he can laugh? He calmed down a bit and looked at us.

"God you guys are so stupid!" He said back amused. Me and Coby looked at each other and smiled evilly. Coby walked towards him and picked him up; he flung him over his shoulder and sprinted towards the lake. I gulped that probably would've been me. I watched as he dumped him in there and laughed at him.

I looked at Harry and nodded. We both had the same idea and ran down the path that led us here. We made it! We are officially free! Have you ever felt like you could fly? If yes... what a weirdo! I watched as Harry flapped his arms and ran in a circle! Is he even a werewolf? I pushed past the lunatic and carried on running towards home.



- Shenadex

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