Destroy me

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~ Chapter 23 ~

Chloe's POV

The next words that flew out his mouth sent fear flowing through my body. He couldn't have? My Trey? Never, I won't believe him! He must be trying to trick me, I mean Trey would never do that but on the other hand do I even know him as much as I thought I did? Obviously noticing my shocked figure he chuckled the same monotonously evil scientist laugh.

"You don't believe me." He whispered harshly to me. I looked at his face searched for anything that made him look as if he was lying, but got nothing. I gulped and looked at him. He eyes were filled my sadness but was stormed over with anger and regret. What could he have regretted? Had he done something bad for Trey to have done this? Was it revenge?

"He would never do something as bad as that!" I shouted angrily at him. He started shaking.

"HE KILLED HER!" He roared.

I clenched my jaw, "STOP! Stop lying to me! Stop this!" I shouted. I couldn't hear this. My Trey would never do this, he would never be classed as a murderer.

"I'm not lying you dumb bitch!" He spat. I could feel my eyes turning light blue and took deep breaths to calm myself down.

"Yes you are! Y-you want me to hate him! That's why you're saying this! It's sick and twisted! YOU NEED HELP!" I shouted.

"Your. Mate. Murdered. My. Baby. Sister." He stated each word filled with venom. His words felt as if they had just ripped my heart out and stamped on it a million times, then picked it up and smashed it of a wall. He repeated it to himself again and again. Each word he muttered to himself made him get even angrier. I could see him getting closer to shifting. My eyes filled up with unwelcome tears, I sighed angrily as they pooled down my face as I stared at him.

"...he killed her... killed her... Chelsey... baby sister..." He muttered. I caught some words, I'm guessing his baby sister was called Chelsey and was murdered by my mate... Trey.

My. Mate. Is. A. Murderer.

Those words span around my head forever, never leaving, not once. I couldn't think of anything else. I clenched my hands into tight fist.

"I-I..." I stuttered. What am I supposed to say? I exhaled a loud shaky breath.

"Nothing to say?" He spat.

"What do you want me to say?!" I shrieked. I knew I sounded like a complete idiot right now, but I didn't care. I ran my dirty hand through my knotted hair in frustration.

"Say you want him dead." He told me. I gulped, Trey... dead? I could never imagine that happening. No matter how many bad things he had done, I would never say that. This was one of the few things in life I would never do. I could never wish death upon someone... especially Trey.

"I-I..." I cleared my throat. "I could never wish death upon him." I stated in my bravest voice. I watched as his eyes narrowed in a flash he had me up the wall. His right hand was around my neck holding me off the ground, while his other was pressed tightly to the wall beside my head. He pushed his body close to mine and ran his nose down the length of my neck. I gulped and tried with all my strength to get him off me. He moved his hand from the wall and weaved it through my hair. He grabbed my dirty hair into his hands and pulled it. I gasped as pain shot through my head.

"Then I must kill you... emotionally, then take your dignity and innocence then..." He roughly kissed down my neck. "... kill you." He growled into my ear when he had finished. I let out a whimper at the leak of truth that had connected my senses, as he had let out every word. He squeezed my neck as I scratched down his arms trying my hardest to get oxygen into my lungs. I panted as I could feel myself getting dizzy. I could feel my head spinning, my lungs about to burst as they begged desperately for air. Just as I could feel the dark consume me he let go. I took deep breaths panting as I tried to catch all the oxygen I could.

"Why?" I stated weakly as the air had just started to cooperate. He scratched the length of my arm with a knife, I had no idea where that had come from but I couldn't keep my eyes off it as it trailed down my skin piercing it on it's way down. Cryin out as I felt the pain it was causing, I looked up at him through my watering eyes to see him smiking at my now blooded arm. I closed my eyes tight as he started squeezing my arm, making more blood come out than normal.

Screaming I let the pain take over, I couldn't stop him, he was a man looking for revenge. Revenge from what my mate had done to his sister... to him. I could see that when he had killed his sister he had killed him to. I opened my eyes and watched as he followed my bloods movement with his cold, dead eyes. He had nothing left in his world. His world was full of torture, revenge and that's what he wanted. He wanted to be satisfied. He wanted it all to be over. But most importantly he wanted Trey dead and the only way he could get to that was to do this to me.

"Because this will make him come to me and when he does he's dead." He growled out. After what felt like years but was actually a few seconds he let go of my arm. My arm was numb and tickled when the blood rolled down it. I closed my eyes as I could feel the tears of pain try to break through.

"Ughhh..." I moaned softly. The pain which he had caused me was more then I had ever expected. He pulled me up with my blooded and cut arm making me scream out and shake uncontrollably. The pain hit every nerve in my body, leaving me twitching and shaking as he dragged me with him.

He was right when he had said he would destroy me emotionally. I could feel my wolf howling in agony as she could feel the pain to. Whenever we would heal the tiniest bit he would break it again, leaving us to know that we will never be healed. He wanted us to remember this, he wanted to leave us scared with a trail of fear right behind. He wanted to control me and take everything that I could have once protected away. He wanted me broken and then dead. Dead... I was going to die. This was no joke and no game. He was going to rape me without a care.

"Stop twitching bitch!" He growled. I tried with all the force I had left to stop. He squeezed my arm just as my cut had started to heal and broke the heal once again, my tears were falling free now.

My wolf was telling me to stand up to him, to fight him, to not let him get away with what he was doing to me. I snarled at him, I was going to try. I had never given up on anything before in my life, I could feel my wolf try to fight off whatever they had injected in me. I snarled again and tried to punch him with my left hand. He spun around and caught it just as it was just about to make impact. I trembled as I felt fear which I had never felt in my life, I had never felt so helpless before.

My guards to my heart had been broken down. Everything I felt went straight there all the pain and fear. Once it was filled it was surrounded by ice. That could only be melted away if I could ever let myself be next to another man again. I was scared of everyone, even my mate. My life would never be the same after this. If I make it out alive, I would always feel dead. I would never be able to mend myself.

As I looked into his cold eyes I knew this. He wanted this from me. He loved seeing me, a future alpha female defenceless. He loved my worry and fear, I could almost see the excitement he had held in his eyes at the thought of breaking me. It sickened me at the thought of it. I flinched as I watched his fist connect to my face. He threw me roughly into my cell and punched me repeatedly and touched parts of me which I didn't want him to. I drowned into the pain until my body couldn't take anymore and I was left to find happiness in my own private hell hole.


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