Chapter 15 Maldives! Fun Time!

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Chapter 15 Maldives! Fun Time!

"Babe Wake up!" Niall said. I opened my eyes. Niall was shaking me. Liam was poking me. Luke was getting the boys carry ons. Lou was getting Vic's, Ryder's, Grayson's and My carry on. I got up and stretched.

"Where are we," I stretched.

"MALDIVES!!!" Vic squealed. I smiled.

"LETS GOOO!" I cheered. We got off the plane and into a car.

"Where are Gray and Ryder," I asked.

"They went ahead to the Sinclair & Kingsley company. Apparently a problem came up and your dad wanted them to handle it," Li said. I nodded. Half an hour later. The car stopped at a gorgeous beach villa. We took all our carry on's and luggage out from the trunk. We walked to the door. Lou took the key out and opened it. We walked inside.

"This is gorgeous," I said. We went to our labeled rooms. I unpacked all of Gray and My things. Then I took a shower. I put on shorts and white crochet lace sleeve flowy chiffon top. I put my hair into a bun. I checked my phone for the time. It was 11:00 P.M. Almost midnight and still no sign of the boys. I hope they're alright. I shrugged and went into the living room. I grabbed a water bottle and walked into the living room. Vic and the boys were watching the news.

"BREAKING NEWS!! It looks like the BILLION dollar fashion line from Kingsley Fashion and Co HAS BEEN LEAKED! NOW all different Fashion companies are making these amazing New Fashion Clothes! This Kingsley Company spent Billions on this Fashion Line! How Will they recover this billion dollar loss. We have yet to hear from Ryder, Grayson Victoria and Abigail," The lady said. My mouth fell open.

"Seriously!!! And those boys didn't think of telling us. We could have helped!," Vic whined. I ran back to my room and came back with paper and pencils and color pencils.

"Then let's help," I smirked. They smiled. Everyone grabbed paper, Pencil and color pencils.

"How bout a Social Media Fashion line. Like jeans, tops, dresses, shoes, hair all involving social media. Like a snapchat fashion like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and etc," I said. They smiled and started drawing. At 12:50 p.m We put the papers in a stack. We wrote a note saying here are some fashion ideas thought that we could help you out. Then we all signed it. After that the boys went to bed. Vic and I tried to stay and organized the papers. Then we fell asleep on the sofa.

*Grayson's P.O.V*

I opened the door and Ryder and I walked in. He closed the door behind him. We took our shoes off. I loosened my tie and walked to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a water bottle. I grabbed another and threw it to Ryder. He caught it and drank it.

"Hey Gray. Come here," Ryder whispered. I walked over to him. I looked at the table. The girls were sleeping. I saw papered on the table. I picked up the note. I chuckled and gave it to Ryder. He handed me the designs. I smirked. We fixed our ties and put on our shoes. I kissed Abby and Vic's forehead. Ryder did the same. We walked out and locked the door. We got into the car and hurried back to the company. We parked and walked to the elevator. I called my secretary.

"Make an announcement. To have EVERYONE in the Big Meeting room. We have a fashion line to put out. Also I want those leakers Fired and removed from the premises," I said.

"Okay Sir," She said. We walked into the meeting room. Everyone was there. Ryder scanned the drawings into the computer. We showed them.

"These Simple Designs are the ones that we will show off as a teaser. This Fashion Line will be called Social Media Summer. These simple dress designs will be out into the public by tomorrow at 8 pm," Ryder said.

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