Chapter 14 I'M WHAT?!?!!!

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*Chapter 14 I'M WHAT?!?!!!*

*Abby's P.O.V*

Grayson and his parents. Went inside. Vic and her parents went out on the beach. I sat down on the beach chair. Ryder sat down next to me. The vamps, 5SOS and 1D were behind me. My brothers surrounded us. Mom and Dad sitting in front of me.

"You guys are getting married," Dad said.

"WHAT!" Ryder and I shouted.

"Who are we getting married to," we shouted again standing up.

"Ryder you're getting married to Vic," dad said

"Abby you're getting married to Grayson," Mom said. I sat down in my chair. Mom took 2 rings out. She gave them to Ryder.

"One is for you and the other for Vic. She's in her room," Mom said. Ryder got up and went inside.

"Abby you're wedding dress is in your room. Go take a look," Dad smiled. I got up. I turned.

"You guys will be there too right?" I asked Niall and the guys.

"Of course love," Harry said.

"Hey daddies. When do we get married," Nicole and Megan asked. Liam and Lou started choking on air. Niall And Zayn were dying of laughter.

"When you girls are 28," Harry said. I walked inside and up to my room. I opened the door and walked in. I found 2 mannequins one was wearing a gorgeous white lace wedding dress and lace heels. Then next to it was a garter, veil, new earrings and necklace set. I felt the dress. The other dress was short gold lace. It was a Astor Dress by Marchesa. Next to it was a gold bugle bead satin foldover clutch purse, Geneva Crystal bracelet, Gold heel sandals and gold solar flare earrings by Slate and Willow. Both dresses were gorgeous.

"Wow! It's beautifully sewn. It's gorgeous. I always thought that this day would come after college. Can't believe it came so soon while I'm 17" I said.

"This day came so soon," I murmured.

"You know we did this for your own good. Right. We see the way you guys act and look at each other. It's all going to work out. Your growing up," dad said. I turned. I hugged him.

"I can't believe you're going to give me away so soon Daddy," I said.

"Never, you'll always be my baby girl. You will always be our baby. I thought it would be best for me to come and talk to you because after we talked to Ryder a minute ago. Your mom broke down when I said now time to talk to Abby," Dad said. I sat down on the bed. Dad sat down next to me.

"We are throwing a gala announcing that both couples have been engaged for 3 months now and that they are getting married in 3 days. The gala is tonight. Also both couples will live together in Florida in their own house. You 4 will finish your education here and start your lives as married couple. Trust me your mother and I got arranged marriage at the same age as you. After your wedding you will go in your honeymoon aka vacation. Your trophies, whole closet and bathroom is already packed and moved. When we are at the party Mary and Tyler will finish packing up your room and give it to the movers. You will start living there tonight," Dad said. I nodded. Tears started rolling.

"Why Daddy?" I cried. His eyes softened. He hugged me. I buried my head in his chest.

"Because baby. When your Aunty Angel, Your mother and I were 17 we got arranged marriage. We didn't want to go through the with it. We hated the people we were arranged with. Slowly we fell in love and now we are leading happy lives. I wouldn't trade my family or wife for anything. When Uncle Cam, Aunty Angel, Your Mom and I had Vic and You. We made a promise to get both of you an arranged marriage at age 17. We paired you with the person that supports you the most. Everything will work out in the end. Trust me Baby It always does," He said. I nodded. He looked at the dress.

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