Chapter 8

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*March 21,2016 Chapter 8*

It's currently 3:00 a.m. I have on my shorts and bra top with flats. All our duffel bags are in the car. Everything is ready to go.
"We have everything," Vic asked.

"Yup everything is packed and ready to go," I said.

"Okay then we will leave at 4 in the morning. We have to check into our hotel by 9 in the morning. Then we have to meet Jake at the Photoshoot by 10. Then we need to go to the luncheon to meet the other contestants. Then we get back to the hotel at around 4. Then we can Chill and relax. We have to get ready by 8 and arrive at the competition/award show by 8:40. We will walk onto the red carpet and pose for a few pictures and answer to questions. We go in. Then Gray and I will open the show and we will compete and everything and see who wins. Then we go to the hotel change shower. Then we will leave for home at midnight. We will probably come back here at 4 in the morning," I said.

"Perfect. Sounds good," Vic said. Mary walked in.

"The sandwiches and drinks are made and in the van," Mary said. We nodded. I clicked the intercom.

"Wake up! Get ready! We need to start leaving," I shouted. I heard falling, stomps and door slams. I pulled out my list. I needed to make sure everyone was in the car. The list read Grayson, Nick, Justin, Mason, Ryder, Hunter, Daryl, Connor, Fiona, Faith, Vic and Me. 40 minutes later. Everyone grabbed their coffee and walked out and into the Van. I hugged Mary. Then Vic hugged her. She kissed our foreheads.
"Be safe. Keep smiling and never let anyone see your tears. Your tears are precious. Don't waste them on something that's not worth it. Stay safe and Happy. Take care of each other. Okay Girls. Bye," She said.
"Bye Mama Mary," We said.

"Victoria," A soft voice said. We turned.

"Mom?" She said.

"Hey Baby," She said.

"What are you doing here?" Vic asked.
"Your dad recorded your life story and sent it to me. When I saw all of it. I came down. When you come back. We'll talk. Okay," She said. Vic's dad showed up behind her mom. Then my parents and my uncles showed up.

"Bye," We said. We turned and walked to the Van. Vic got into the Passenger's seat.

"When I call your name. Make sure your here," I said. They nodded. I read off names and they are all here.

"We're on a tight schedule," I said. Then 4 police cars showed up. A officer came out. I ran to Mary.

"Mary my card," I said. She handed me my purse. I took my card out. I walked back to him.

"Ms. Abigail. You called," He smiled. I showed him my card.

"I need police escort to Panama City. There's major traffic on the road today and I need to reach the Microtel Inn & Suites Hotel by 9," I said. Dad walked up.

"Sure thing. Let's start heading out," He said.

"Thank you," I smiled. He nodded and got into his car. I sat down in the driver's seat and shut the door. I put on my seat belt. I rolled everyone's window down. I put on my sunglasses. Everyone had their seatbelt on. I pulled out. Everyone waved goodbye. Except Vic and I. We got onto the highway. Police had their sirens on. They surround my car.

*8:00 A.M*

We checked into our hotel. We got 2 room keys. I handed one to Grayson. We rode the elevator to our floor. We walked to our rooms

"Our room is right next to yours. We have to be in the limo by 9:30 a.m. We have to head to a photoshoot. From there we will go to a luncheon to meet the competition. Then we will come back here at around 4. From 4 to 7 it's our free time. Then we need to get ready for the show by 8. We will arrive at the show at 8:40. Partners will go in together. Then the group dancers will follow. We will pose for few pics and answers. Then Gray and I will start the show off. We will do our dances enjoy the show. THen if we win any awards we will go and get our awards. Then we will come back to the hotel at 11. We will shower and put on our PJ's then take our stuff and head to the car. You guys will sleep in the car. Vic and I will alternate driving. Got it," I said.

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