Chapter 19 We'll get through it together! I Promise

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*Chapter 19 We'll get through it together! I Promise*

*3:30 p.m *

"Abby wake up please," Lillian said. I stirred away. I shook Gray. He got up and stretched. I woke Vic up. Vic and I tried to wake Ryder up but he wouldn't budge.

"Gray you wake Ryder up. Then try to figure out what we should have for dinner," I said. He nodded. Vic and I got up.

"What is it Lillian," I smiled.

"The babies are crying," She said. I nodded. We walked upstairs.

"Hey Lillian. Why dont Rose, Heaven, Sebastian, Holden and you take the rest of today and tomorrow off. Go to the beach or on dates. Have fun," I smiled. She giggled and nodded. They all wished Vic and I goodbye and left. We walked to the babies rooms. Isabelle, and Alex were crying. Dylan and Isaac were sleeping. You might be confused let me explain which baby is older. Dylan is older than Alex. Isaac is older then Isabelle. Dylan and Isaac were born the same time and Alex and Isabelle were born the same time. I picked Isabelle up. I laid her down on the changing table. I changed her dirty diaper then sat down in the rocking chair. I rocked her to sleep. Vic did the same thing. They fell asleep. I put her back in Isaac's crib with Isaac and Spencer. Spencer and Isaac put their arms around her. She cuddled with them. I giggled. I took a picture.

"They look so cute," Vic sighed. I looked at Alex, Sierra and Dylan. Alex and Dylan were hugging Sierra. I smiled.

"Aww Spencer and Isaac are doing the same thing," Vic cooed. I giggled.

"Their going to be great brothers. I won't forget any of them I promise," I whispered. Vic hugged me.

"We won't forget," She whispered.

"They look adorable," A voice said. It was Jack. I turned. I smiled and hugged him.

"They will be amazing brothers and the girls will be amazing sisters," Vic said.

"Just like You guys," I smiled. He chuckled and hugged us.

"AWWW," Voices cooed. I looked behind him. All my brothers were there. They ran in and hugged me. Vic and I were in the middle. I was hiding my face in Jack's chest. He chuckled. Vic was hiding in Ryder's chest.

"Anyway let's go downstairs. I'll take Spencer," I said.
"I'll grab Isabelle," Jack said.

"I'll grab Isaac," Shawn said.

"I'll take Sierra," Vic said.

"I'll take Alex," Gunner said.

"I'll take Dylan," Ryder said. We grabbed the kids and walked downstairs. We put them in the crib in the living room. Vic and I walked into the kitchen. Gray was cutting Chicken. Ryder was frying something. Vic hugged Ryder from behind. I hugged Gray from behind.

"What'cha cooking," Vic asked.

"That is a surprise," Ryder said.

"Now out of the kitchen. Both of you," Gray said. We pouted.

"Now Ladies," Ryder said. We pouted and walked out.

"Sorry but it's a surprise," Gray said. We ignored them. Harry, Ash, Shawn, Blake and Gunner walked into the kitchen laughing. Vic and I pouted and sat down on the couch. I sat down in Lou's lap with My legs in Jack's lap. Vic was sitting in Ni's lap with her legs in Luke's lap.

"Awwwe. Why are you sad babe," Lou chuckled.

"Gray and Ryder Kicked us out of the kitchen," Vic pouted.

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